How the Moon Came to Be

This is an Inuit legend written by me, cuddlyanimal63419, of how the moon came to be... Hope you like it :D BTW, some words may sound wierd together, but it's written from an Inuit perspective, so what do you expect?

Chapter 1

How the Moon Came to Be

A long time ago, when Earth was first created, the sun, plants, animals, and everything else in nature were all part of this creation. However, one thing was absent... That round orb of bright light that emerges above the twinkling night sky right after Sun sets, which is now known as the Moon... Back then, when Moon never subsisted, the sky would become pitch black after Sun rests behind the mountains, and the Inuit could no longer see a thing...

In the heart of a vast green forest, near a tributary, which the Inuit had named Tascooba, there lies a diminutive village, and in that village, there was a clan, and in that clan, contained a family that consisted of a father, Akkikitok (Brave), and his two daughters, Tatkret (Moon) and Kanguyak. (Daisy) At the time, Kanguyak was 14, and the most beautiful of her whole tribe. Her hair was dark brown, to the length of her waist, so dark that it was like the night... when nothing could be seen at all... Her eyes were as green as the greenest trees in the jungle., her eyelashes were long and dark, her skin was soft and silky, like the warm, fuzzy coats of her Huskies, and her lips were as pink as raw animal flesh. Her beauty stuns the men in both her own and nearby clans, making their hearts melt like heated chocolate. Hundreds of them come to propose to her each year, but Tatkret had rejected each of them, thinking that she's far too significant for them. The only one that's suitable for her was Akna (which mean 'Is rich'), the only son of the chief.

The first time Tatkret had ever met Akna was when she's at the age of 12, in a meeting held by the chief. It was love at first sight... Ever since that day, she had hid a secret crush on the chief's son...

Kanguyak, a year older, was just like any other typical girl in the tribe, but her kindness made her unique from others.

"Kanguyak!", cried Tatkret. "Congratulations! You're getting married today! Time sure flies fast! It's already your wedding, yet I don't even know who your future husband is."

"Oh, you'll see who he is at the wedding. He's a brilliant man...", Kanguyak beamed as those words left her mouth.

"I'm sure he is! One who's good enough to become my sister's husband must be a great warrior! So excited to finally meet him today! Those weren't Tatkret's real thoughts though...She was thinking, "Surprised that someone as ugly as yourself is actually able to get married! A guy who's willing to marry such a hideous person must be an ugly slave himself! Hmph! Why do I have to go to your wedding? I am so not interested in seeing two hogs get married." But, of course, she kept her thoughts to herself.

Kanguyak smiled, "Yep, indeed".

Tatkret and her father arrived at the wedding 5 minutes early. When Tatkret saw the amount of people, she was amazed. "Wow", she thought. "Way more than expected... There're thousands of people here! But my wedding with Akna will be much better!"

Their wedding soon began, and when Tatkret finally got a glimpse of the groom, her eyes widened, and she subsided to her knees. She couldn't believe her eyes... It was Akna... But how? Why choose her sister? If he was going to choose a wife, it should be her! After all, she's the most beautiful of all! Without realising, warm droplets of tears rolled down her burning cheeks.

"What's the matter?", asked her father. "Aren't you happy for her?"

Ignoring Akkikitok, she cried out loud with the remaining of her energy, "Akna! I'm your bride, not Kanguyak! She's stupid, unnatractive, ugly... Why'd you choose to marry her?! I'm the one for you!

Nobody payed any attention to her.Tatkret felt like dieing, leaving this world forever... This is just too much for her...

At first, it was sadness, but soon, her sadness revolved into anger... She wanted to slaughter Kanguyak...

As each week passed, her hatred grew deeper and deeper, until one night... She stole her father's knife while he was sound asleep. Early the next day, she arrived at Akna's house. Her hands were wrapped tightly around the sharp blade, holding it behind her back.

As expected, Kanguyak came to the door... Right when the door swung open, Tatkret immediatly pulled out her knife, and stabbed Kanguyak in the chest, directly into her heart... The fresh, red blood splattered onto Tatkret's face and onto the floor... "Farewell, Kanguyak", Tatkret said to her as an evil grin spreaded across her face.

"W...why? Tatkret... Why...w...why would you? Tatkret... You'll regret this!" These were Kanguyak's last words, and they echoed through Tatkret's mind... Then, Kanguyak collapsed onto the wooden floor...dead. "Oh, no I won't regret, Kanguyak.", Tatkret mumbled.

Kanguyak then became a goddess... Unlike before, Kanguyak was no longer kind, innocent, and forgiving... She no longer lived in peace... nor happiness... Her hatred for her sister turned into rage, and she became an evil spirit seeking revenge, killing anyone who's kind, because they reminded Kanguyak of her past self...

Akna came home a few hours later, finding his wife dead, lying on the groud, soaked in the metallic smell of blood... He immediatly knew that it was Tatkret...

Pounding hard on Tatkret's door, expecting her to answer, but to Akna's surprise, she didn't. Tatkret was too petrified, She knew he had come to assasinate her... Akna knocked again, and after another silence, he lost patience. Drawing out his sword, he slashed the door into pieces and went right in. Akna discovered Tatkret curled into a ball on her bed, bawling... He pulled out his sword, and aimed the blade directly at her. In a split second, Akna had sliced her head in half... The top half plopped onto the ground, and blood oozed out from the remaining half... He could see her brain still throbbing for a few seconds before she was completely dead... He wiped the blood off of his face and left.

As punishment, Kanguyak turned Tatkret's soul into a round stone, high above the sky. She was forever trapped in that stone, far away from everyone... remaining lonely forever... Her evilness will never be able to escape ever again, but she's always trying to free herself, by searching for someone to help her. That's why she rotates around earth, in search of a savior that can free her from this stone... From that day on, Kanguyak (or moon) stays there, lighting up the night sky, allowing people to see without the sun... And that's how the Moon came to be...


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