Help Me

A Poem

by Anthony J. C. Q.

Chapter 1

Help Me

I'm so tired,
Because everyday is the same.
But when I look back,
Everything's changed.

And I'm so depressed,
Because I live my life.
I take the pills,
I use the knife.

And why can't I just run away?
Leave this place and forget.
Can't I just die in piece,
And have no regret?

I hate myself...
But I say I'm fine.
I'm going crazy...
It's all in my mind.
I want to die...
I'll be okay.
Leave me alone..
I'm not okay...

I don't want to live,
Not for tomorrow,
Or the next day.
I'm filled with such sorrow.

I want to sleep,
And never wake up.
I want to fall,
And feel no pain.
I want everything to stop.
I want nothing in vain.
I want to run away.
I want to feel no shame.

I want to be no more.
I'm tired of being sore.
Leave me alone.
Let me rot.
Just go home.
Let me forget.

You're just so worthless
Trust me, I know.
You don't deserve happiness
I'm better off alone.
You're just a freak
I'm so a shamed.
I'll laugh when you break
Yet I'll feel no pain.

Leave me alone.
Let me cry.
Leave me alone.
Watch me die.
Leave me alone.
I'm tired of life.
Leave me alone...

Someone help me...


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