Out of Reach

Hope you like this story. This is a story that I've always been fond of. It's one of my favorites out of all the past ones I've witten. Please comment and rate :) Also, if possible, can you reccomend this to others if you like it? That'd help me a lot! XD Oh, and keep in mind to check this story for new chapters once in a while, because new chapters are coming in all the time! Don't leave out! :D

Chapter 3


"I said let me go!", screamed Dianne. "I'm going to look for Lianna, and don't you dare stop me, you big fat mama!"

Burning with rage and confusion, Galla murmured, " What did you just call me?"

Dianne shamelessly repeated what she said without any thought of hestitation, "I said you're a big fat mama! Do you need hearing aids?" Then she bursted out the door in search of Lianna, her missing sister. Meanwhile, Galla just stood there gaping in blankness, not moving a single hair. But she thought to herself, wow that little Dianne has become quite rude over the years... Sh... She just called me... b... big fat mama?! Where and when did she ever learn THAT?!

Right at the moment, David walked in, "Galla, you sure you're not gonna stop her?"

Shaking her head slowly, she replied, "No, she won't listen. Besides, she'll come back on her own after a while. You'll see what I mean." She grinned, then added, "Did you hear what she just called me? Big fat mama..."

Giving out a loud laugh, he answered, "Smart kid"

Angry, Galla questioned, "David, was it you who tought her that?"

With the star necklace tightly gripped in her sweaty little hand, Dianne dashed through the trees, (the same old trees Lianna pasted by) as fast as her tiny little feet and legs could carry. She thought of Lianna at every step she took, and eventually a tiny droplet of tear began to form in the corner of her left eye. She wiped it off desperately with her other free hand, and picked up her speed. As she ran past each tree, thoughts began to assemble in her mind. Lianna, where are you? I'm scared... I think I'm lost. Where am I? Come save me! Where are you? Why'd you abandon me? Please... Please... let me find you... just this once...

Gritting her teeth hard with all her might, she cried even harder and ran faster than before. Then, she came to a black cat... Then it ran away. Dianne chased after it, following every step it took. Then, she came to a small cottage in the middle of nowhere. It looked shaggy and old, but still passable compared to the trees... Then, the cat stopped and ran in. Shivering, Dianne took a step into the cottage. She was trembling of fear, afraid that there would be monsters that would eat her. Afterall, she had been told many petrifying stories by Lianna... That's right... Lianna... She had came for her sister Lianna... No matter what it takes, she will find her! And she had sworn to do so no matter the consecuinces.

Finally taking up the courage to do so, Dianne walked into the cottage. It was dark and eery. In fact, so dark, Dianne coudn't see anything... She took a step farther into the cottage, and soon the door swung shut in a loud bang. Gasping in fright, she let out a scream.

Just then, a dozen black cats appeared and began to circle her. Dianne studied these furry creatures carefully. Their coats were dark black, dark like the shadows they lurked in... there eyes were fierce and sharp, as if... almost as if they wanted to kill her... Fear rushed into Dianne and she stepped back immediately.

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