Out of Reach

Hope you like this story. This is a story that I've always been fond of. It's one of my favorites out of all the past ones I've witten. Please comment and rate :) Also, if possible, can you reccomend this to others if you like it? That'd help me a lot! XD Oh, and keep in mind to check this story for new chapters once in a while, because new chapters are coming in all the time! Don't leave out! :D

Chapter 2

Unavoidable Death

Hearing the furious hiss right behind, Lianna immediately turned around and that's when she spots the black cat! It pounced onto her face, scratching with it's sharp claws, tearing off parts of Lianna's flesh. Despirately pulling out a small blade in her left jean pocket, she tried to fight back. Stabbing the cat in the stomache with the knife, it's blood splattered onto her face and the cat dropped to the ground. Gasping for breath, she looked at the cat, and it transformed into a boy! He looked about 14 with dark brown hair... "W... what in the world just happened? He... he di...died... I killed him! And the...c...cat had turned into a boy?! WTF is going on?!", Lianna cried out loud unnaware of what other dangers that might be lurking in these shadows...

A gentle rustling sound of leaves met Lianna's ears, and she alertly turned around, terrified. "Wh.... who's there?"

"You don't need to know!", a man's voice boomed from the darkness, and a black cat charged at her, coming from the direction of the man's voice...

Clawing at Lianna, tearing off large pieces of her flesh at a time, the cat moved at an unpredictable and unimaginable speed, so fast it looked like nothing more than a moving shadow... Lianna collapsed to the ground after the bloody attack, feeling weak and powerless compared to this black cat. Seeing that Lianna had dropped to the floor, he stopped clawing, and instead, started to slowly circle around her... Panting hard, and trying to get a grasp of fresh air, she realised that it was impossible since her heart was beating so hard. Tiny droplets of tears fell from her eyes, plopping onto her wounds.

Hissing at her, the cat said, "Your death has come!"

Persisting, Lianna shamelessly screamed, "No it hasn't! I'm gonna keep on living! You won't kill me so easily!"

Glaring at her with those deadly eyes, he questioned, "Oh really? Remember this, brat, death is unnavoidable".

Biting down her bottom lip, so hard that blood oozed out, Lianna whispered, "Is death...really my fate? Is death... just really unnavoidable for me no matter what I try to do?!" Bawling even harder now, she looked down hopelessly.

The cat simply answered with, "Yes, now die!"

Placing his paw on her neck, he showed his fearful claws, and asked, "You really aren't afraid?"

"So are you killing me or not? Hurry up!"

"Hmph!", muttered the cat with it's fearless pride and turned, then left, dissapearing into the shadows.

Having nothing else left to do, Lianna glanced at the boy.Stretching her hand towards him, she touched him. Oh crap! His skin's so freezing cold!, she muttered and seized back her hand. I wonder if he's still alive... I'll check... Just this once... Reaching out her hand once again, she checked if he was still breathing, and... he was! Realising that he wasn't dead, she muttered, "Y... you... alive?"

Opening one eye, he shouted at her, "Yes, and you've got a problem with that?!"

Shaking of fright, Lianna backed off and said, "N...no..."

He then closed his eyes and went back to sleep. Lianna then thought to herself, "H...he's not dead... but how?"

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