Out of Reach

Hope you like this story. This is a story that I've always been fond of. It's one of my favorites out of all the past ones I've witten. Please comment and rate :) Also, if possible, can you reccomend this to others if you like it? That'd help me a lot! XD Oh, and keep in mind to check this story for new chapters once in a while, because new chapters are coming in all the time! Don't leave out! :D

Chapter 1


"Everything will be alright", Lianna gently whispered to her 4 year old sister, as she tucked her in bed.

"B...but...", protested little Dianne, the 4 year old. "I...I'll miss you... " Her voice shook as she said these words.

"It's alright, Dianne. Everything will be alright", Lianna whispered as she bit her bottom lip. She knew that it really won't be alright...

Stepping out of Dianne's door, a tear slided down Lianna's cheek. Tomorrow's the day of her death, the day she'll honor her head to the great leader of the land Remorsa and everyone knew that but Dianne. She had tricked Dianne that she's going to Alaska for 2 years, and will be back, and little Dianne had believed her. Lianna didn't want her little sister to be worrying about her, so she had no choice...

Despirately wanting to avoid the painful fact of death, Lianna knew deep inside her heart that it was impossible... Every year on January 22nd, the leader of Remorsa would draw out a random name and that person will honor his/her head to the leader. Part of the leader's duty after recieving the head is to eat it completely, leaving out the skull in front of all the citizens of Remorsa on the festival held on this very day... It is believed that in exchange for a sacrifice, the land of Remorsa will continue to stay peaceful and rich...

"Get up Lianna! Get up! It's time for the f...", hollered Lianna's stepmother,Galla as she flipped open Lianna's covers. "Lianna...Li...Lianna's not here!!!", she screamed. "What about the festival?! David! Get over here and search for Lianna! That brat can't escape her fate!"

Turning around immediately after Galla felt a cold finger touch her leg, she found Dianne behind her with a frown.

"Mommy, what festival?" asked Dianne.

"Oh... umm... n...no... nothing, Dianne...", replied Galla.

"Tell me!", screamed the ever so stubborn little Dianne.

Finally, she lost patience and shouted, "I'm telling you it's nothing! Now go to your room or you'll end up like Lianna!" Right after those words left her mouth, she immediately covered her mouth and stared at Dianne wide eyed. Dianne stared back speechless.

"Mommy... What did you just say?"

Biting her bottom lip, wordless, Galla picked up Dianne and carried her to her room. "Dianne... Listen to Mommy. Nothing's gonna happen... Just stay home today in your room. Mommy and Daddy will be right back. Promise. I'll call Liddy over to babysit you", Galla coaxed her in her sweetest mommy voice.

"What about Lianna?", asked Dianne

Glaring at her, she replied. "Don't ever even mention her! You'll never see her ever agian!". She walked out the door, slamming it shut, and walked downstairs.

Dianne bursted into tears and hid under her covers. She pulled out a necklace with a bright yellow star on it and gripped it tightly in her tiny little hand. "Lianna... I miss you... when are you gonna be back?", she whispered to the necklace as if it were Lianna.

"No, I can't die... I'm not ready to die... I'm still too young to die!", these thoughts echoed through Lianna's mind as she ran past tree after tree, forcing her way throught the forest, trying to get away from Remorsa, away from them, her stepparents... but she was completely unnaware of where her destination is, so she just kept running, until she came across a black cat... She immediatly stopped running and stared at it in surprise...

"Meeeeeeeeoooow", it purred, and ran away.

"No, wait, kitty, wait for me!", she called out, but it was already out of sight.

Sighing, Lianna glanced around. Her surrounding was completely unfamilliar to her... Perhaps, she had left the city of Remorsa? But, she knew that was impossible... No such coincedence can occur... but what if she had really got away from Remorsa? What if she had really got away from death? Was it all avoidable to begin with? These thoughts entered her mind, but she ignored them and continued on her way...

Late that night, Lianna came to find small cottage... "Wow, am I dreaming? No way is there a cottage in the middle of nowhere!", she thought out loud. Lianna walked up to it and knocked on the door anyway. There was no answer...

Not giving up hope, she called out, "Hello! Anyone in there?", no reply... Losing patience, she opened the door and walked right in...

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