The Demonic Angel In Me

Chapter 1

Headed for the Angels in Demonic Form

I arrived at the local bar, which i got to every Wednesday. With the slight sound of music and smell of booze, I pushed on the old wooden doors. I walked in slowly, eyeing up every single person there. I sat on the stool.

"What could I get ya' sir?" the bartender looked up at me.

"I'm not all that thirsty," I said.

I looked at my dim reflection in the window. I went to my car, tired and bored. I went home and washed my face with warm water. I went to bed, since there was nothing better to do.

The next morning I went out to grab some coffee. As tired as I was, I could barely keep my eyes open. As I was driving I hadn't noticed I ran a red light. I saw a large electric blue semi in the corner of my eye coming from the left. My reflexes forced me to make a quick, sharp turn left into a van. The semi hit me, with not much damage on the side of my car. As I smashed into the van, I saw a grey and white blur.

I saw red and blue flashing. I couldn't help but wonder, was I OK? Where am I? What do these flashing colors mean?

I couldn't feel anything. I was surrounded by clouds. I looked down at my body, which had EMS, Ambulance, and Police all around it. I felt like I was ready to fall to my knees and cry, which i couldn't do.

I sighed as i looked upwards. I saw a man standing there, with a tiny smile on his face, which made him look very polite.

"Who are you?" I asked, very curiously.

"That you will have to find out on your own," he replied.

"What has happened? Have I died?"

"You have died in a major car accident. You ran a red light, got hit by a semi and smashed into a van," he said.

"Oh my," I was surprised, "Where do i go now? Do I go to heaven or hell or something?

"Neither. You will become a beautiful angel and be reincarnated. Well, you might even be a wealthy American man or a poor child in Africa. You might even go back to 1654 or even way back to 540 A.D." he explained.

"So, like time travel?" I asked.

"Sort of. Now, I would like you to become a beautiful angel. Spread your new wings. I will tell you the rest later." he sent me my new, white angel wings. I became the angel he knew I would become. Many other angels, demons, I saw. I met a few of the angels and demons. The demons were very amusing. Their trickery. Their mischief. Their pitch black wings. I wanted to see their point of view, but was afraid to become one.

"Why is an ANGEL hanging around the demons? Hey! Angel! Get over here!" I knew that demon was yelling at me. I walked over to her. "Wow. An angel that can trust a demon. You want a taste of demon, little girl?" She grabbed me by my ear and stopped. She knew I would be like every other angel.

"What is it like to be a demon?" I asked. She said something under her breath.

"Come here, let me give you a taste of demon." She walked me through a dark hall, and showed me a place full of demons. "Here are all the experts. Get a load of facts from them. You really should be going to the angels if you truly want to be an angel, you know... but for now, just go in here. I will come back later and see how you are doing with them, okay?"

"Ok." I walked up to a quiet female demon, which had looked a lot like me. Silky, long, straight, black hair. Electric blue eyes. Skinny figure. "H-h-hello," I hesitated, "could you maybe, uh, teach me how to be a demon?"

The demon turned back, willingly hoping to help another. As soon as she saw the demon, her face had a sour look. "Why would you think I would help you? I am a demon. I am with the demons. I am a master demon. I am Master Aylia. You," she paused, "you are an angel. A new angel. Gonna start calling you greenie or newbie. Whatcha' gonna do when the angels finally accept you and want you in their little "clique"? You are an angel for a reason. You didn't come here to rest in the filthy palms of evil, now did you? One day we will all move on. One day we will all become who we really are. But why can't we do that now? Why can't we all just be who we are now? But, one thing for sure, kid, is that you be yourself. As I do need to say again, you are and angel for a reason."

I backed up, feeling the little lump of sadness in my throat. I responded with the actions of hur feelings as I walked away.

When I got back to the other angels, I glared at them. They were so innocent. So elegant. So loyal. I was the opposite. I was embarressed for being one of them. This isn't where my afterlife should be headed.

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