Forever Ending

Hi. Ok some important facts you need to know about this story.
The girl telling the story is looking back on her past.... The day eighteen years ago. On that day there was a partial apocalypse and killed thousands of people.
The day I started writing this was when people believed that it was the end of the world.

All credits go to PerfectDisaster15. She gave me this brilliant idea for the story and without her thestory and the title would suck... Or be non-existent.

Chapter 1

The beginning of the end

by: Bye_Bye_
It was the year of 1994 and I had just turned five. My birthday was on the twenty-first of December.

That specific day was the closest I had ever come to seeing the end of the world, to seeing the apocalypse. The events that unfolded that day has been etched in my mind ever since. I have never gotten over the fear of my birthday and now that my birthday is here once again I am holding fear for my life, for everybody’s lives. To make matters worse people are saying that the world really will end.

So here I sit under my covers holding my beloved cat, the only family I have left, as tight as I can. While doing this I am praying that everything will be ok. I have a torch and a clock under my covers. I am laying down watching the seconds tick away and the memories of that day, that day eighteen years ago, start flooding back into my mind.

As I squeeze my cat tighter I can see myself as a little girl. I was on a swing. The little girl is alone and scared. She is watching the sand swirl below her feet as she swings back and forth. As she does this a single tear escapes her eye, runs down her cheek and hits the sand below. The world was so quiet, so empty, that she could almost hear the tear fall to the sand below her as she mouths the word “Help”.

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