Hi everyone, her birthday is 26th Dec, why not send her a Friend Request to make her happy?

Hi everyone, her birthday is 26th Dec, why not send her a Friend Request to make her happy?

It's a couple of days earlier, but I won't be around the next 2 days, so this is in advance (:

Chapter 1

26th Dec 2012

Hey everyone, It's Remi's birthday this 26th!!! (:

Some of you might have added me as friends after reading Remi's post (:
Well, now it's my turn!

Her birthday is almost here, so if you are reading this, head over to her account to send her a friend request! (:

If you are already friends with her, please leave her a birthday wish on her profile!


She's a great great great friend and a little sister to me, she had been there when I needed someone to talk to.

I'm so glad and thankful to have her in my life!!!! :D

If you really did add her or leave her a wish, I will love you so muchhh! xoxo



To Remi
Thanks for everything you have did for me and letting me know that you will always be there for me.
Being older than you, I'm really glad to have a little sister like you online.
However, I truly love you and although we have never met, I really do think of you in my daily life.
Whenever I'm online on Quibblo/Wattpad, I will quickly check if you msged me.
I am honored that you are willing to make friends with me.
You mean so much to me and you are part of the reason that is keeping me alive.
Yes, I have survived another year in this world, and I'm sure you were part of why I'm still around.
For many many more years to come, I'm sure our friendship will grow stronger.

I love you, Remi!! You are one of the greatest person that had ever impacted my life.
God, I'm tearing up now..

So if you see this before your birthday,

Enjoy the holiday and have great fun! Muacks!!! xoxo

Loads & loads of lurvvvvvveee,


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