The Darkness Of the Moon

Erin gets asked out by her crush Mike and strange things happen to her. She feels stacked and has terrible nightmares.

Chapter 1

What a boring life

Her eyes are green like emeralds. Her hair is brown like milk chocolate. She has slightly tanned skin with a few freckles here and there. She is my mate. My love my friend. Only one problem she doesn't know this. All werewolfs have mates they are known as soul mates, true loves. No mate signs have surfaced but just tho thought of life without her tears me apart. I don't have much time to court her properly cause there are a lot of male werewolves without a mate with makes her up for grabbs.

(Erins p.o.v.)
I walk out the door to my bus stop and over to Libby.
''Hey Erin!" She says nodding to me
''Wazzup'' I ask
''Not much '' she answers
''Me too''
''Its a boring life '' she agrees. She looks at me with her big blue eyes. She co-cks her head to the side like a dog would tearing her gaze at me
''I hear the bus coming'' she say as she moves her head to a normal postion.
I lighten up hopeful Tom won't bother us today. The bus puls u and we get on . I bearly make it up the stairs before Tom yells out ''Hey baby'' at me. I ignored him and sat far away from him next to Libby. We got off the bus and headed over to the schools doors. I opened the door with a forcefull pull. ''Geez you could have knock me out with that force that you just used to open a door.'' Sam says as she walks over to us. We go inside and gt ready for our firs perid which for me is math. Althought I hate math I'm very good at it. Our math teacher on the other handakes math very fun and she is funny. I take a breath and walk intothe classroom.
''Good morning Erin '' she says in her usual haply mood''today you can ue a calulator! '' I smile and acknowledge her greetingand hufry to my seat. I check on the table and see enouht caculators for the table. Ms. Malrose starts the lesson.
At the end of first period. I drop off my math books and head over to the gym.
"Hello" I hear a famillar voice behind me say. " hey sam wazzup'' I say
''Hmmmmm other than the fact I'm going to homecoming with Eli nothing much.'' She said like nohing happens to her. '' omg that's awesome'' I say excitedly. She has always had a crush on him and now he finally asked her out. I still haven't gotten asked out yet but I don't think I'm going to go anyways.
Later that day when I stepped off the bus I felt a strange pling wanting me to go to the woods like it was calling to me. I hear someone say my name in a panic voice I feel . '' Libby did you feel that too '' I ask worried that I was hallucinating or going insane. She shook her head no, '' no what are you talking about'' she said worried as I was I shook my head as to rid of my insanity. '' I'm okay I.......just........ nevermind''

Authors note: I am writing this day by day I will get it done but I'm lazy so ya

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