The Pastry Brigade

This is the story of our children. America is different after the 2nd Civil War. The new country of Oryion was broken up into 5 regions, each ruled by a different leader. This is the story of our children, and what will become of them.

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Chapter 1

Boyd Firestone

No one predicted this outcome, Who knew that America would go against each other once again. It started out in the 2076 election for President. It was Shayne Harris agains the favorite to win, Uriah Kaleb. The East favored Kaleb, for his campain was to get us out of debt by taxing Iodine and and Cesium, two popular exports of the West.

Cesium and Iodine mines were discovered in the South. It was a major export of the Texas, New Mexico. and parts of Colorado and Oklahoma. Modern technology made it save to manuever and obtain into a major power source. The west thrived off of it. You can imagine how angry the South got when Uriah Kaleb was elected for office.

My dad was a major Cesium miner. and he kept saying Uriah wasn't going to like it when he taxed the rebel to benefit the everyone else, and boy was he right. MAjor uproars burst in the capitol and soon the 2nd civil war started when we claimed independent from the US!

My dad, Henry Boyd joined the Oryion Rebels, the military group fighting the Americans, early in the war. He quickly became a general and led many huge battles, the most known is the Battle of Dallas, where he defended Dallas from the army. After we captured the President and force a surrender, the small nation or Oryion was born. To thank my dad for helping the Oryion rebels, he became the rector of Oatos.

Rector means Leader in Latin. In Oryion, Rector is handed down by generation unless stepped down who is the rector is deemed unlawful, this is to keep politcial parties from being formed. This means that I am deemed to be Rector of Oatos one day.

In Oryion doesn't fight with guns, instead we stick to tradition, fighting with swords and bows. Especially since a new weapon called a gun-jammer was invented in 2054 which makes gun powder explode in the gun, which makes guns, cannons and bombs absolutely useless.

Life in Oatos is simple, most people mine for Cesium, which promises good money, while others work traditional jobs, like construction working or being lawyers. Everyday I usually go into the forest and practice throwing daggers. I have been adicted to daggers since i learned the art of it. I've become quite a shot.

School still exist, sadly. Apparently education is important! All the other rector's children are around my age. Though there's a problem, the rectors never see eye to eye. They are always counting on each of the others to see it there way. These created hostility toward eachother.

Though we are still good friends, everytime the rectors come to meet, we sneak upstairs and pretend to hate each other, which is what our parents want, but instead, we have sort of a club with one another. There's 6 of us, 3 boys, 3 girls. 1 from Oatos, Iodines, Dynameetay and Klypitomes and twins from Iodines. Each of us specialize in a different weapon and skill.

This is the start of our story, and the future. We are the Pastry Brigade.

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