Black butler 3

This is the first story i have ever put on quibblo and my friend wrote it so i hope u like it.=D

Chapter 1


It was just like any other boring day.Sebastian would come in and pour me some Earl Grey tea, dress me, then tell me what was on the scheduled for the day.
I sighed, as i leaned my head onto my hand. I, Ciel Phantomhive the dog of the Queen, age 13, was bored. That is until I heard the loud knocking at the front door.
I slid my chair back back to the window and peered out. It was of all peolpe ,Grell Sutcliff. He could be so annoying somtimes. Everytime he came I would get a horrible headache, why did he have to wear so much red ?
"Should i let him in young master?" Sebastian asked at my side. I gave him a sideways glance and sheered at his expression. His usual devious smile was replaced with a annoyed frown. Ah, here was my fun. It would be entertaining to see Sebatian annoyed. The usually calm collected Sebatian Michaelis, mad. I smiled wichedly and smugly nodded.
Sebastians P.O.V
I sighed and jumped from from the railing at the top of the stairs. I held my breath as I hoped that Grell wouldn't jump on me, unfortunatly i was wrong I had only opened the door half way before it was knocked off the hinges. I simply took a step to the left as Grell flew threw the doorway right into the wall.
I groaned inwardly in annoyance; I would now have to fix the door and the wall. Grell could be so clumsy but it was worth it because when he rudley came flying in to the mansion he broke his camera that hung around his neck. He immediatly bounced up and said "Sebby boo Im so happy to see you". I just looked at him like he was speaking another laungage.
"My master wishes to see you, Mr.Sutcliff." i said nonchantly signaling him to go up the steps with a wave of my hand . Grell of course took my intentions wrong and took my hand " Oh sebby-boo, you're finally learning how to treat me like a proper gentlemen".
I smirked then decided to just let him believe what he wanted.
"You know sebby boo that tomorrow is valintines day." grell said smiling widely.
His green eyes began to shine bright. "Yes,Mr.Sutcliff . I am aware that tomorrow is Valentine's day" I replied politely I had to keep myself in check I was the Phantomhive butler after all my eye twitched.
"I have these tickets for the uhhh carnival but have no one to go with." He said.
"Ask William to go with you" I cut in.
Before he could say another word I quickly slung open the door and let grell into the young masters drawing room.
Ciel Phantomhive P.O.V
I startled awake as the doors flew open and a blur of crimson began to fly around the room.
"Oooo Ciel is this a new chair? Grell laughed as he sat down in front of me. I sighed as I leaned on my elbow.
"No Grell." I stood up and went around the desk. Grell kept on looking behind his shoulder at Sebastian, who had a annoyed look on ho face.
"I wanted to thank you, Grell." I said loudly . I took my cane and placed both of my hands on the head rest.
Grell and Sebastian looked at me in surprise and confusion. Sebastian's eyes slitted in warning .
"What for?" Grell cocked his head to the side, giving me a curious look.
"For helping me with that crazy woman catching people on fire with her camera. In return for your services I'm going to grant you a wish." I smiled wickedly, clicking my lips. This certainly was turning out to be very interesting.
"What do you know of my wishes?" Grill asked.
"I'm going to put Sebastian under your leadership for the next two days."
The Instant I said that I hear two voices.
"What? Seriously? Yay! Oh , Sebby , now you can go with me to the Valentine's carnival and we can go on the ride with..."
"Young master certainly you would not let me go with this..."
“on the exception that I go with you." I cut in.
Grell had his head in his hands swooning . He nodded an ok and Sebastian was leaning against the door softly banging his head.
" Young master it would be inappropriate for a young child like you to accompany us. You must bring your fiance to make it less strange .
His voice was full of venom but he managed to cool his demeanor.
" Fine lets go pick her up."

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