What Greek God/Goddess am I a child of?

Chapter 1

What I am good at-
Playing the trumpet
Tennis (kind of)
Having fun
School- I'm smart (I guess)
Being funny ;)
Running- got a 7:43 in the mile...
Language arts, or English
Pretty much a lot of things creative

What I am bad at-
Remembering things
Doing work (I'm lazy)
Being social, not with my friends
Getting into fights
Sometimes have a big ego
I get mad really easily
Social studies

Favorite color-
Light gold, really pretty
Or like a dark cobalt blue

Least fav color
Yellow, like a yucky muddy color
Or neons

Favorite animals-
Dogs, horses, deer, Phoenix, or Pegasus

Hp wand-
Mahogany or birch or rosewood, 12 inches, Phoenix feather core

How I normally act-
I'm really shy not good at meeting new people but I'm really hyper/giggly when I'm with my friends
When I'm alone I like to do introvert stuff (like quibblo or writing)

Favorite jewel-
Tanzanite, (does gold count?)

Favorite book/ tv show-
Medieval, dystopian, romantic, intense, long, magic!!

Favorite season-
Fav weather-
Near the ocean, slight breeze, warm autumn day

Least fav weather-
Freezing cold and dry and windy

Fav quote-
“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”


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