A Harry Potter Christmas Carol (With Our OCs)

A Harry Potter Christmas Carol (With Our OCs)

Based on the novel by Charles Dickens, Snape is very angry hates Christmas and all that chiz, so he is visited by the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Get ready for some weirdness...

Chapter 1

... XD face

It's Christmas at Hogwarts, and the students are eager to go home for the holidays. Severous Snape's class, however, is not to pleased about the upcoming news.
"Oh, it's already Christmas is it? Well so you children don't have your brains wiped of anything educational, i'm going to give you all stacks of homework, happy holidays..."
The class groaned, "But Professor Snape! Its Christmas break! Surely you wouldn't want to give us all work!" Julie (my Oc, duh! we weren't really creative with names back then, if you don't know about our OCs, read my HP fic, I'm gonna tell you they're all idiotic, and Julie has short brown hair to her shoulders, and glasses and freckles, she usually wears green, and is in Slytherin, because she nearly cursed out Sorting Hat for almost putting her in Hufflepuff)
"Do I look like a care, Ms. Wilson?"
"Christmas is just a bunch of rowdy kids, going out and receiving more useless junk to care for!" Snape said.
Fiona gasped, "You can't possibly believe that!" (Fiona is of course Fiona's OC, she has red hair just past her shoulders, and she was put in slytherin, she's realitively mean, and she likes apples)
"Of course I do, you children are to nieve to... MS. EDWARDS! ARE YOU USING MUGGLE MACHINERY TO TEXT IN MY CLASS?!" Snape yelled.
(Ms. Edwards is Savannah, Savannah's OC. She is a valley girl, who can be rude, but also nice because she has bipolar issues, that's why she is also in Slytherin. somehow she is able to use a muggle phone at hogwarts...) Savannah laughed, "Oh no, I'm watching the footage from the Christmas party!"
Everyone looked at her, "...That we didn't have without you..." She slumped in her chair.
"This is why Christmas is just a distraction! A time of parties, where you skip out on classwork!" Snape said.
"Wow, dude, you do NOT like Christmas!" Julie laughed, as Snape did this weird scowl eye thingy that he hasn't done before...

Christmas Eve!!! XDXD (That's today o.O) Half of hogwarts is gone for the holidays. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Ginny, Anna (another OC, of Abby's, you haven't met yet, but she's the dumb blonde, in griffyndor for some reason, and Fiona HATES her, as you'll see later...), Callie (Sarah-Grace's Oc, who is a hufflepuff, she's really sweet, sorta shy, not idiotic), Julie, Savannah, and Fiona were putting their differences behind them, and having a Christmas dinner together.
"Hey, Professor Snape! Merry-" Harry walked in.
"Don't you dare say that!" Snape snapped (lol, try saying that 10 times fast XD)
"Okay...... CHRISTMAS! XD"
"Bah! Humbug!"
"Wait, what?" Harry asked.
"Um, I said, oh, it's Christmas..." Snape replied.
"I thought you said... nevermind, I came to ask if you would like to come to the Christmas Dinner we're having, you know, its Christmas, so we decided to get together and stuff!" Harry smiled.
"Christmas? With you kids? No way!" Snape groaned.
"But Professor! Why would you hate Christmas so much?! Don't you wanna be happy?"
"Good afternoon..."
"Well, I guess I'll be on my way then!"
"Good afternoon..."
"But may I just say something before I go?"
"Good AFTERNOON, Mr. Potter!"
"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Harry shouted, and ran out the door.

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