Twisted fairy tales

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Chapter 1

Briar rose

by: Soccorro
Once upon a time there was a princess cursed with extreme sleepyness and was condemned to live in a chamber surrounded by briar thorns. Her name was rose. With rose was her guardian which was strange because he was the same age as her but at the same time he didn't age, his name was briar. It was 100yrs scince she was cursed but they still looked the same...they didnt age.One day briar was brushing rose's hair when he asked a question, he said " if a prince were to take you away from here and break the curse with a kiss would you follow him?" rose looked a briar dead in the eye and replied "I couldn't possible imagine kissing a stranger" and together they laughed. As rose slept briar started to fade. "it's almost time... Take care of yourself ok... Your such a sly princess doing this to me I'll go crazy." briar gave the princess on last goodbye, a kiss sweet and gentle like a flower on your lips. Rose awoke with a start realizing all too late what had happened,"a century... You waited a century and I didn't notice till the end"rose swallowed hart ad made a dash for the door.BAM! The door burst open it was a handsome prince! Upon laying eyes in the princess he said "my! The compliments of your beauty do you no justice your much prettiyer than them all! Let me whisk you away from here to my kingdom to be my blushing bride as I have beaten the briar thorns and come here to your side" the prince was going to seal the deal and kiss her rose red lips, but then rose put a briar rose ove her lips and asked with tear filled eyes "tell me. Can you love me for 100years?" the prince of course said yes I can, now what is the fuss. The princess walked around the room to the brush briar heald and swept her fingers throug the thorns. To her and the prince's surprise she was unscathed... " oh briar... Even now you protect me... Tell me where are you"
" I'm here rose..." said a voice, she turned around and saw him... Briar.
" rose will you run away with me? And be me forever?"
With blushes red I'll come she said and so that's the story end...
The prince you ask what about him well I tell you something he is me and this is their story too...

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