My room xD

Chapter 1

Here we shall go :P

How many windows are in your room?
Two side by side

What color are your walls?
White (for now)

Hardwood floor, tile or carpet?

Do you get ready in the day in your room or your bathroom?

What size bed do you have?

What does your comforter look like?
It has a pack of wolves walking in snow :D

Is your room big?
Eh not really

Is it clean?
Most of the time

Have you ever done it in your room?

Do you have a ceiling?
No shiz sherlock

Do you have a nightlight?
Nope I like the dark

Do you have the following in your room:

Desk - No
More than 3 sources of light - Yep
Phone- Doesn't work
Chair/dish chair - I have a desk but my bunny is on it xD
Bookshelf - Yep
Dresser - Nope (My dresser came with the closet xD)
TV - Yes
CD Player/stereo - Hell yeah!
Bean bag chair - No :/
Computer/laptop - Yeah but I gotta get it fixed
Posters - yep
Paintings - Yes my friends and I did them :D
Pictures - Oh yeah. A shiz ton
Walk in closet - Yeah it's biiiggg
Large mirror - Yep
Bed - No shiz
Drumset - Nope (wish I did)
Bathroom - Nope
Clock - two (docking station and radio)
Clothes on the floor. - Always
Box of tissues - nope
Guitar - Two :D
Lava lamp - I will after Christmas xD
Smoke detector - Yeah but my dad broke it xD
Piano/keyboard - Its downstairs
Bongos - Nope
A bin - Yep
Locking door - On my closet (don't ask)
Can of soda - Monster cans actually xD
Bottle of water - Yep
Playstation or other game source - Nope
A black light You know.....for the scorpions - Hell yeah!!!
Something about your own country - Nahh
Medals- I'm a clutz xD
Trophies -Still a clutz xD
Awards - Yes but I didn't hang them up
Water polo ball - No?
Soccerball - No?
Softball stuff - No?
Beachball - No?
Over 100 CDs - Yes :3
Surround sound - Yes :D
Sofa - Nope
Empty liquor bottles - Wine bottles but they're for drawing
Flag - Nope
Stop sign - No
Caution tape - No
Paintball gun - No
Dog/cat bed - My dogs sleep in my bed
Picture of GF/BF by bed - Nah
Calendar - Nope


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