The Wolves Of The Druid Peak Pack! (MY PACK)

The Wolves Of The Druid Peak Pack! (MY PACK)

All The wolves in my pack will write one chapter about theirself! Including: Rank,Name,Personality,Interests,appearance,etc... I am the Alpha Female of the pack, we still need more wolves, an alpha male,male omega, male pup-sitter, male beta, some more pups,and of course any amount of loners.
-Sincerely Your pack leader, Mataki
p.s.: Put your name as the chapter title for your chapter! and try to put a pic of ur wolf in it too!

Chapter 1

Mataki- new beta female of pack.

I am the alpha female of the one of the largest wolf packs ever known so far... The Druid Peak Pack. I am a mateless all black wolf with piercing icy blue eyes. I am nice as long as you are a loyal wolf. when it comes to fighting, i am very strong but i rarely fight, i leave that up to the others. If the alpha male manages to win my heart, then he will keep his rank, but if not, he loses his rank and will either be chased out of the pack or usually forced to be omega. I love the snow too. Any wolf may stay in the pack so long as they follow my rules, (especially when it comes to mating.) Unlike most wolf packs, my pack is very friendly when it comes to loners. We accept any loner so long as their nice. We always welcome most wolves into our pack or to hunt, but sometimes if a wolf gets too out of hand, he/she is forced to leave. We are still looking for more male wolves too. Not too long after i became alpha female, my mate ran off with a beta female who happened to be my beta,so with that, i just continued on with life and looked for a new mate. As i was howling to see if any male (loner only) was interested in becoming alpha male, i heard what i thought was a male. I was wrong. I ran towards the howling and when i came upon the wolf, it was a female. This wolf was became my beta, Avani. she was all alone so i took her in. I finally fought Lakota to submission, i lost and became beta, he became alpha, and now, my fellow beta female has became the alpha female of the pack. Still looking for a mate.

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