The Adventures of Nisha

The Adventures of Nisha

Hi! This is my first LOTR rp, so could you please comment and tell me what i could do better?

Chapter 1

Nisha, protecter of the arkenstone.

I was running as fast as i possibly could away from the lonely mountain, terrified that Smaug would fly out of the mountain in pursuit to regain the treasures she had stolen. I checked my bag, satisfied that the arkenstone and the gold cup were safe. I had bravely traveled to the lonely mountain, and 'borrowed' some treasure to bring back for some friends. I looked back to the mountain, aware of the fact i had to get to Mirkwood before Smaug saw me. I was almost there, when Smaug flew out of the mountain in a mighty rage. I stopped, and started at a casual walk twards the edge of the forest. Smaug looked around, and decided that he would check near the Lake-men town, Esgaroth, to see if they knew anything or gave the thief any help. I gave a very quiet sigh of relief as Smaug changed direction to Esgaroth, and sped up a little bit on my way to Mirkwood. I checked again to see if my treasure was safe around an hour later, as i was on the edge of the forest. Satisfied both treasures were still safe, i crossed the border into Mirkwood. I was surrounded by huge, hairy spiders almost instantly, and they fell as arrows pierced their hearts. The elf king, Thranduil, guards surrounded me, and i clutched the bag with the treasures to my chest. My terrified eyes darted from one guard to the next, and i calculated the risk of kicking one to dart off to the pack. I quickly decided it was the only thing i could do, as i absolutely COULD NOT let the elven king get the arkenstone. The golden cup i didn't care about that much, as i had stolen it for my poor hobbit friends who could not afford some mandatory things of life. I kicked one of the guards in the chest, knocking the wind out of him. The guard stumbled back, and i bolted. The next few weeks were full of incidents just like that, and i finally had reached the other end of Mirkwood. I cautiously stepped out from the cover of the trees, looking around as there was absolutely nothing to be seen for as far as the eye can see. I began to run straight across the plains, not trusting the complete silence. There was suddenly the snarling of wargs, and terror took hold. I ran even faster, holding onto a false hope i could out-run them. I saw a hole big enough for me to fit into it, and i leaped down into it. The wargs muttered in confusion as to where i went, as the scent just lead to what appeared to be an empty hole. I found the hole lead to a passage, and slowly followed it. It opened up to show the town Rivendell, and i backed up horrified. I knew where i was though, and i looked around trying to find a path that didn't include going through Rivendell.


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