Holy Musical Laurwalk

Well this is a Laurwalk (Joe walker and Lauren Lopez) story done by me (Caz) and Ellie (the girl in a very Dylan Saunders story) Let's see how this one goes! Set in the holy musical b@man period.

Chapter 1

Joe walkers P.O.V

Joe Walkers P.O.V

“CUT, CUT!” Holden’s voice rang out “Joe you’re doing it wrong you’re supposed to go left not right”

“Is it really that important?” I asked

“YES” Holden shouted

“Ok guys that’s it for today you can go home” Matt called breaking the tension
I walked off angry. Holden's always picking on me, i’m not the only one making mistakes. What’s his problem with me. I walked backstage to collect my things when I suddenly knocked into someone.

“Oh sorry Joe” It was Lauren

“It’s ok it was my fault” I continued to walk to where I had left my stuff

“Hey Joe you ok, you look down?”

“No I’m stressed that’s all”

“Holden picking on you again?”

“You notice that to?”

“Yes, I think he’s jealous of you”

“Well you’re playing the lead and I mean look at you.” She suddenly realised what she said and blushed.

“Anyway I better get my stuff”

“Um-Yeah..Oh course” She stuttered. Oh god Lauren was adorable. She was one of my best friends in Starkid and I’d do anything for her. But I can’t help noticing something different between us recently. I don’t know what it is but I like it. Anyway I’ll worry it about it later I’m going to get my stuff and go play halo with Joey.

A/N I know I shouldn't be taking on another story but oh well.

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