Interactive Gamebook

Have fun, guys!

Chapter 1


Every once in a while, I will release a chapter to this story. At the end of each chapter is a choice.

For example:

John stared at the pills in James' hands. Will John take the red pill or the blue pill?

The interactive part of the story is that YOU get to decide the character's fate. Comment on which choice you want the main character to take and I will write down the consequences of his action in the next chapter.

Basically, it is an INTERACTIVE GAMEBOOK.
And so this is the story...

Back in medieval times, there once lived a knight known as Roger. Roger was a son of the late Knight Captain Morrain. When Morrain was slain by King Despard, Roger swore revenge. He was trained the art of knighthood by King Igloo himself.

The years passed and Roger was vying for the position of Knight Captain with his biggest rival, Knight Rowley.

The King said "To find out which of these two knights, Sir Roger or Sir Rowley, will be my Knight Captain, we shall have a duel in the courtyard to determine the winner."

And so the next day, Roger and Rowley squared off in the courtyard.
At first, Roger seemed to be winning. But both Roger and Rowley were ace sword fighters.

After 1 hour of non-stop battle, the King held up a hand.
"Enough. Clearly, this cannot be settled by sword-fighting. Very well, we shall decided the winner another way!"

The King brought forth two cups and placed a stone underneath one, and a gold nugget under the other.
He then told the knights to turn around while he shuffled the cups.

Then, he instructed the knights to turn back to the cups.

"The two of you will wager a guess to find out which cup hides the gold nugget." the King said.
"Sir Roger, you will go first. If you find the cup with the gold nugget underneath, that means Madame Fortune has smiled upon you and you will be my Knight Captain. If you find the cup with the stone underneath, that means Sir Rowley will be my Knight Captain. Do you understand the rules?"

Roger nodded.
He looked back and forth between the two cups.

Interactive Part:
Which cup does Roger choose? The first cup or the second cup?

P.S If more than one person votes in the comments, then I will choose the answer with the majority of votes.

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