Hetalia one shots.

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Chapter 1


by: Lesy
This is my first Hetalia Reader thingy~ So be nice to me~ I am very happy about this since I have been thinking about Romano all day. Ready? Good now READ!!! SORRY IF HE IS A BIT OOC, I just think people act ooc sometimes and I hope I did a good Job!

------------------------------------------------------------------Start here-----------------------------------------------

Today was not your day at all, you found out that your boyfriend was cheating on you so you had to dump him. And then the store didn't have the (Fav food to eat when sad) that you wanted. But you do love the rain and it's raining so it's not that bad,right? You are walking to your best friend Italy's house since it was closer then your house which was a 20 minute walk from the store.

You stand in front of his house knocking on the door. "Come on. Please do home. Don't be at Germany's house, be home." You smile when the door opens but frowns when you see Romano is the one that opened the door. "Oh it's ___ What do you want? Fratello isn't home, he is at the potato bastardo's house."

You sigh and put your hands on your hips "It's raining, and as you can see. I'm soaked with the rain, my house is 20 minute walk away. Can I PLEASE come in?"

Romano looks at you, you are wearing a light (fav color) Shirt so it is a bit see though at the moment. He turns red and looks away, cursing under his breath. "Come on inside." He turns around and walks inside, you walk inside and close the door behind you.

You had a crush on Romano when you were younger but you don't like him anymore, you think if you tell yourself that over and over that it would be true. Even when you date other guys, you find yourself comparing them to Romano alot.

You snap out of your thoughts by Romano who was waving a hand infront of your face "Idiota. Here." In his hands were some cloths that you left here the last time you spent the night here. You take the cloths "Thanks Romano."

The cloths smell fresh so they most have washed them for her which was what they always did when you leave cloths here. "Thanks Romano." You say as you run up the stairs and into the bath room to change. You always that one bathroom even though their house is huge and has like four bathrooms. It was just, you would get lost if you didn't always go to this bathroom when you had to go or something.

---------------------------------------------Time Skip of awesome!~-------------------------------------

You are sitting on the couch watching T.V. with Romano when the lights go out and a loud thunder is heard. You jump scared at the sound of the sound thunder, you grab Romano's arm in fear. "__? Are you scared of thunder?" You could hear disbelief in his voice since he knows how much you love the rain. You were about to say no when another loud thunder booms.

You hug Romano's arm, Romano blushes "___....." You start to cry when you hear another thunder. Romano wraps his arms around you, pulling you into his lap. You bury your face into his chest as you cry in fear as more thunders ring though out the house.

Romano looks down at you "__ please stop crying. it's ok I'm here." It was very odd that he was acting this way. You pul your head from his chest to look at him. His eyes are fill with worry, you have never seen him like this before. "Romano. I'm sorry to do this to you. I know you don't like me and here I am crying over something so stupid." He sighs "___, I don't hate you. I...." He stops talking.

You blush as the lights come back on and you see he is blushing too. "Romano.... You what?""Ti amo!!!" You don't know what that means. Romano pushes you off his lap and runs to his room.

You sit there on the couch for awhile. "What does that mean?" You stand up and look out the window to see it had stopped raining. You look at the stairs. "Maybe I should go ask him what it means....But....What if it means something mean?"

You sigh and walk up to his room, you try to open his door but it's locked. "Romano? Can you open up?"

You hear Romano cursing in his room. "Romano. What does Ti amo mean? If you don't tell me then I can always call Italy and ask him, you know I'm not scared to ask."

The door opens and Romano looks at you blushing "You can be so annoying sometimes!"

"Romano what does it mean?" Romano blushes more ans whispers " It mean I love you.'" Your cheeks turn bright red as you look at Romano in surprise.

Romano sees the surprise look on your face "F0ck I knew it. You don't feel the same way."

You grab the front of his shirt and pulls him into a kiss, his eyes widen and blushes bright red before he starts to kiss back.

After a minute you both need air so you great the kiss. "Romano.....I love you too." He blushes and smiles.


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