This is a story about two kids, Ivy and Aaron. Ivy gets trapped on an island after a storm on the cruise ship. Aaron has his own problems, with his dad divorced and always moving. But their fates are somehow intertwined- read to see what happens!
Hey guys read, rate, and review! This is a story that my friend Evie (Evie4Ever) and I wrote in fifth grade together, so it's not that good, but I just felt like putting it on Quibblo. Enjoy! By the way, my favorite chapter is Chapter 13.

Chapter 1


Waves crashed into the side of the ship, spraying me with water.
“Ivy!” my mom cried. “Get off the ship!” I shivered in my shorts and t-shirt. The water was all over me now, making my clothes feel heavy.
“Coming,” I shouted and ran along the side of the boat. Passengers were climbing into the life boats below deck, and I heard babies wailing through the noise of the storm. I clutched the railing, and a torrent of water flew over the side of the boat.
Suddenly, a gust of cold wind pushed me to the side of the ship. The icy air chilled me to the bones.
“Mom!” I screamed. “Help!” A wave of panic swept through me. But I heard no sound except for the ferocious storm that was now my worst nightmare.
The winds started howling now, singing their war cry in my ears. I squeezed my eyes shut, waiting for the impact.
The next thing I felt was the splash of the icy waters. If I thought the ship was cold, this was even worse.
I sputtered and splashed around in the water, my lungs gasping for breath.
My last thought as I went under was, I wish I could swim...

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