Just a bunch of thoughts on paper (or computer screen, I suppose).

Chapter 1


1. Those people that stick gum that they're done with in places other than the trash can. (Example: on the ground, under your chair, on the ceiling, etc.)

2. People that text their boyfriend/girlfriend/cousin/cat while you're trying to tell them something important.

3. Teenage boys that don't use deodorant, or seem to shower at all.

4. Girls who paint their nails during class. I do not want to be able to smell you from across the room, okay?

5. The hiccups.

6. Cliffhanger book endings.

7. How potato chip bags are only about half-filled with the food that I wish to consume.

8. Those times that I walk into a public bathroom and it's so filled with girls gossiping and doing their makeup that there is no hope of me forcing my way through to a stall.

9. When I get a math test back and I got a problem wrong because of a subtraction error.

10. Hiatuses between seasons of my favorite shows, and how they all seem to happen at the same time.

11. That one song I hate that sticks in my head all day long.

12. Stage fright (or in my case: performing-in-front-of-small-groups fright).

13. When people say that pink is a "girl color".

14. People who are famous for being famous. Why don't they have to work like the rest of us?

15. How this list could go on forever...

Comment if you have other annoyances to add to this list or suggestions for other lists I could make.


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