Brighter then the Sun- Percy Jackson Fanfic

16 year old Scarlett a daughter of Apollo is going on a quest that will change her life forever. If she can survive the encounter.

Chapter 1

Scarlett's Point Of View

I always liked to be high up. That is why right now I am in a tree. I have my sketchpad with me, which is no surprise I take it everywhere. I've been having strange dreams, as I always do. And as always I draw them, to help me try to figure it out.

This time my drawing is me. My dark brown hair flowing down my back, and my green eyes staring at the camp. Camp halfblood. I have no clue what that is. But I've been having dreams about it since I was young. I just finished when I heard the growl. It sounded so evil chills went through my back.

I turned around and what I saw made me fall out of my tree. Luckily I climbed a small tree today. But what I saw was a lion. Or at least I thought it was. It was about 4 times as large, and just blew a wave of flames at me. My heart feels like it is in my throat. Without hesitation, I run. But it's too fast, and easily catches up to me. I'm suddenly regretting going into the forest.

I'm running so fast, I trip over a tree limb, and fall hard. The Giant-Fire breathing- Lion roars and blows another waves of flames at me. But for some reason I don't burn. It doesn't even hurt. For some reason- it seemed like an instinct I reach for the bracelet my dad gave me, when I was so young. I have no idea where my dad is now, he just left us. My bracelet is a silver band with purple gemstones every centimeter. Except when I press my bracelet, it turns into a bow strung with an arrow. I'm momentarily mesmorized, untill I remember the lion.

Without thinking I shoot the bow and arrow with extreme accuracy, like I did this my whole life. The arrow pierced the lion right where his heart is. The lion bellowed in pain, then evaporated into gold dust. WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED. I'm starting to dout my sanity when a huge pegasus comes swooping down.

Yep. Definetly crazy.

A boy and a girl my age- around 16 dismount the pegasus.

"That was pretty epic." The boy mused.

"I'll say," said the girl.

"Wh-who are you guys?" I asked, nervously twisting my fingers.

"Right!" said the girl. "I'm Reyna and this is Percy Jackson, and we are demigods."

"Demigods, like those Greek and Roman stories?" I asked.

"Yep! I'm roman and a daughter of Bellona the godess of war, and Percy is greek and a son of Poseidon the god of the sea." says Reyna. Reyna has dark wavy hair, and is really pretty. Percy has jet black hair and and sea-green eyes.

"I-I'm Scarlett." I say.

"Yeah we know," says Percy which I find really creepy. "Chiron sent us to get you, something about you being in an important prophecy. I forget what it is... to be honest I kinda zoned out when he read it."

Reyna rolled her eyes. "Of course you did. Well Scarlett you better come with us, unless you want another attack."

Normally I wouldn't hop on a pegasus, with two strangers, after almost being killed by a fire breathing lion. But for some reason I did. I tapped the tip of my arrow, and it turned back into a bracelet. Then I mounted on the pegasus behind Percy.

At once the pegasus lifted off. We went for miles passing stretches of forests, rivers, and streets, until we finally reached halfbloodhill I reconize it from my dreams. The pegasus shoots down at top speed, which makes me yelp.

When we land we are surrounded by campers. All watching and whispering. One in particular catches my eye. The boy has black hair and blue eyes. He has a sort of mysterious look to him. I reconize him as Nico Di'Angelo from my dream. For some reason when I lookm at him I blush.

But the next thing I know a half horse- half dude is trotting toward me. A centaur. I gasp.

"Oh yeah, did I mention Chiron was a centaur?" Percy whispers in my ear.

"No! You most definitely left that part out!"

"Welcome Scarlett!" said Chiron.

"Ummm...hey there." I answered hesitantly.

Everyone gasps. Uh-Oh was I not supposed to say that. But then I realize they are pointing over my head. I tilt my head trying to figure out what is wrong. Then someone hands me a hand mirror. Floating over my head is a picture of the sun next to a bow and arrow. Rotating around the sun were music notes. What is going on!

"Wow she was clamined fast." said a boy who Percy informs me is Jason Grace.

"Claimed?" I asked. That sounds... different.

"Yes." said Chiron. "Your godly parent is Apollo."

Apollo. My dad is Apollo. My freaking dad is Apollo. The flipping god of the sun, music, and archery.

"As amazing as that is, we have important matters to discuss. Like the quest you are going."

"Quest?" I asked.

"Here let me explain," started Chiron.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oooooo what will happen? Guess that's up to I_Like_Cookies! Hope you guys like it so far!



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