Warriors: The Light and Darkness (Warrior cats fanfic)

Hi! This is my first story on Quibblo, so please comment and tell me what you think of it!(:

Chapter 4


Snowpaw woke, shivering from the piercing cold air that seemed to come from nowhere. Gradually opening her eyes, she surveyed the den. Every last one of her clanmates were unconscious, appearing to be in deep sleep from the way they twitched their tails and jerked their bodies.

Positioning herself so that she could just see outside, she realized that it was still night; none of her clanmates had come to figure out which patrol they would be joining, or what piece of fresh kill they would sink their teeth into.

Snowpaw stood up and stretched her front paws out in front of her, trying not to rustle the brittle leaves that scattered around the den. She stepped outside into the cold, crisp air. Snow had fallen last night, covering the hard, earthen ground that formerly been greenleaf. It's time to go for my walk, she anticipated, scurrying for the tunnel entrance.

Before her ears even skimmed the top of the tunnel, she heard a voice, sharp as flint, cut through the night air.

"Where do you think you're going, Snowpaw?" It was Rainstar.

"U-um, i just thought i'd go for a quick walk. N-nothing else, that's all...." Snowpaw couldn't help but stammer as she hastily explained herself.

After a moment's time of silence, she answered, "Well, i suppose you could. If you don't mind me tagging along. After all, i haven't been sleeping very well these past few nights. I've been having some terrible dreams that-" she turned away, as if she had said something wrong. "Nevermind, i shouldn't be bothering you with my own problems. How rude of me."

Past few nights... Heartbeat quickening, she came up with a theory. Could it be... that dream? The dream of blood and fire and shadows? No, it can't be. Why would StarClan send ThunderClan's leader and i the same dream? There's nothing special about me, i'm still just an apprentice-

"Shall we be going then?" Rainstar broke into her thoughts like lightning shot through a cloud.

"Yes, sorry. Let's go."

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