Warriors: The Light and Darkness (Warrior cats fanfic)

Hi! This is my first story on Quibblo, so please comment and tell me what you think of it!(:

Chapter 3


Snowpaw and the black tabby stood nose to nose now, their breaths billowing out in misty clouds. He flicked his tail, "This place may seem rather uninviting to you, but it's been like this for days, for reasons unknown to even us." He took a step back, "You are in StarClan." He crouched down, tucking his front paws under him.

"But... then why am I here?" Snowpaw asked, confused.

Shadowclaw's stare seemed to darken as he lowered his voice, "Blood will stain the snow. The sky will burn with fire. Shadows will invade your dreams. Beware, young apprentice, of the dangers yet to come..." His voice trailed off, leaving the clearing silent.

"What? W-What do you- " She paused, staring at her surroundings, stunned.

Snow now covered the once compact terrain, only it wasn't its usual color. Blood welled up in pools, turning the flakey white snow into a deep shade of red. Lightning pierced through the blood-red sky, making Snowpaw shiver with fear.

Spinning away from Shadowclaw, she saw that numerous figures had appeared, glaring at her through the trees. Their shadows swept up in front of them, slowly prowling torwards her. The shadows' eyes gleamed red in the darkness of the storm. Jumping up, she bolted away, away from Shadowclaw, away from the ominous shadows that threatened to tear her apart.

Snowpaw swerved through the trees, her paws barely skimming the ground as she ran. /I can't stand this nightmare any longer!" Her legs burning from running for so long she collapsed onto the damp earth. Deciding she was away from danger for now, she started to close her eyes. But before they were half-way closed, she heard a familiar voice ringing inside her head, "Blood will stain the snow. The sky will burn with fire. Shadows will invade your dreams...."

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