Warriors: The Light and Darkness (Warrior cats fanfic)

Hi! This is my first story on Quibblo, so please comment and tell me what you think of it!(:

Chapter 2


Snowpaw woke up earlier than usual inside the apprentices' den. Yawning, she crept slowly out into the clearing. As always, she took a walk through the forest before her Clanmates awoke.

She sighed as she tip-toed through the bramble tunnel that led out into the forest. White fluffy snow covered the pineneedle strewn floor. Birds began to sing their song as she padded through the leafless trees. Snowpaw stopped and gazed at the winter sky. The sun had almost risen above the tips of the pine trees. I'll have to go back soon, she reminded herself, Before Rainstar calls on a search party.

Knowing her way, Snowpaw swerved through trees, racing through the woods to the spot she always went to on her daily walks: The lake. Panting, she flopped down on her belly, her muzzle to the lapping waves. She cringed as one hit her nose, feeling the icy burn of the water. I forgot, it's winter now, she thought unhappily as she stood up, ready for the distant walk back.

Arriving back in camp just before the sun had come up, Snowpaw wearily stumbled back into the apprentices' den. She settled down into her nest, made out of sticks, feathers, and dead leaves, which crackled when she lay down. Wishing sleep would come to her, she burrowed deeper inside her nest.

Snowpaw woke up, frantically looking around her, asking herself, Where am I? As she looked around, all she saw was darkness. There was ominous feel in the atmosphere; trees wilting over, dead, no moon to light the way, and no sign of anyone ever stepping foot here. She smelled the scent of death on the air. Fog clouded around Snowpaw's elegantly shaped body. Something's not right here... she thought, dreading that something horrible will happen.

Suddenly, a dark outline of a cat appeared about 2 tail-lengths in front of her. She froze in shock, not knowing what to do. The fog eerily cleared away, and the figure took a step forward. He was close enough to study him. He was a muscular black tabby, with ice-cold blue eyes that penetrated through her. He bore a scar that cut through the middle of his left eye, although it was still open and fully functioning.

"W-Who are you?" she stammered quietly, "Why have you brought me here?"

"Me?" the tabby tom slowly took a step forward, "I am Shadowclaw, and you will soon see the reason of why you are here...."

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