Warriors: The Light and Darkness (Warrior cats fanfic)

Hi! This is my first story on Quibblo, so please comment and tell me what you think of it!(:

Chapter 1


"Warriors of ThunderClan, attack!" yowled Rainstar, leader of ThunderClan. Cats of all shades sprinted down the steep hill that led into WindClan territory. For moons, the Clan had been stealing prey from inside the borders of ThunderClan. In the previous battle, WindClan lost, announcing that they would plot their revenge.

"Mangy prey-stealers," Amberleaf, a warrior from ThunderClan muttered under her breath. "Don't they have enough stupid rabbits in WindClan?" Reaching the end of the slope, Snowpaw saw numerous sleek-shaped cats come running towards them.

She spotted a tabby she-cat about the size of her. I can beat her easily, she thought. Snowpaw launched herself onto the warrior's back. Instantly she recognized her scent. It's Burchfeather! she realized with a start. She had been friends with her for as long as she could remember. No, she thought, I have to do this. I am a ThunderClan warrior, and I will protect my Clan!

Snowpaw swiftly battered Burchfeather's back with her hind paws, claws unsheathed. She dodged as she twisted around to score her thorn-sharp claws across her face. Snowpaw dropped down into a crouch and skimmed under Burchfeather's stomach, clawing it as she went. Dizzy, Snowpaw didn't see Burchfeather sink her teeth into her shoulder. She stumbled back, falling over. I can't back down now... She thought, standing up. Lunging with her blood-stained claws outstreatched, she scored a deep cut down Burchfeather's side. Limping badly, she began to run away, stopping every few seconds for breath.

After watching the laqst of her tail-tip slip over the hills, Snowpaw turned around. The battle was finally over. Several bodies lay on the moors, some dead, some on their last breath. Deep-scarlet pools of blood lay on the tall moor grass. The sky was a dark shade of gray, so dark she couldn't see the ground in front of her paws.

"ThunderClan, let's go home now," anounced Rainstar solemnly.

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