Broken Beat (original story)

What if you grow up doing the thing you love? Always moving, always flowing. Life was picture perfect, well on your way to a happy future. What if that just comes to an end, shattering before your eyes. All with one mistake. One choice. Would you recover? Would you be able to take a risk again?

Chapter 1

Character info.

Tempest Smith:
Long, golden hair and piercing gray eyes. Short and petite, light and sweet. Although her appearance suggests kind, she can be a big b-tch when she wants to. All in all, she's a girl who is trying to reach a goal, not letting anything get in her way. She is always moving, always doing ''something''. Most of all, Tempest is very prideful. Dancer

Josh Granger:
Spikey black hair, a person with a come at me vibe, a Dauntless figure (if you understand the reference.) Green eyes. He is fun and witty, pretty laid back dude. A trouble maker, a slacker. Protective and defensive, loving and kind to the people he truly cares about. An artist.

Abigail Downer:
Tempest's best friend and closest thing to an actual family that she has. Sandy blonde hair, an elfish face and blue eyes. Tallish and skinny, a dancer's body. She is sweet and naturally empathetic, an amity (if you understand the reference.) A dancer.


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