Princess of Asguard (A new story about Loki and Thor! :D)

Bellator is the youngest child of Frigga and Odin. This is her story about her relationship with her brothers, and how she takes it when Loki trys to take over Midguard.

Chapter 1

Chapter one

by: 68687
The trumpets blared. Asguard had a new princess.

A four year old Loki peered into his sister’s crib.

"What're we going to name her father?" Loki asked Odin.

"I do not know. What do you think Thor?" Said Odin. The six year old turned from the crib.

"What about... Bellator?" Thor responded. Frigga beamed down at her son.

"Bellator, what a perfect name." Said Frigga. She picked her sleeping daughter from her crib, and smiled. "Bellator, beautiful Bellator."

Bellator had shining green eyes and little bit of light brown hair. She slept, sucking her little thumb.

"Mother, can I hold her?" Loki asked.

"Yes Loki, just be very, very careful." Frigga said. She laid Bellator in her little son's arms, and Loki held Bellator closely to his chest.

"Hello Bella, I'm your big brother." Loki said softly, his little four year olds voice sounding ever so cute.

"I want to hold her mother!" Thor exclaimed. Bella's little eyes opened up, and she stared for the first time at Loki. Dark emerald eyes met her light green ones.

"Hush Thor, you woke Bella up." Odin said. Thor silenced at once, and Frigga handed Bellator over to him.

"She's so small. How can she grow big if she is so small?" Thor asked.

"When you were born, Thor, you were very small too." replied Odin softly. "Even smaller maybe. But you grew big."

Bellator smiled weakly up at her big brother, not knowing that she was to become Asguards greatest warrior.

A/N: I know, its a really short chapter! And by the way, Bellator means Warrior in Latin. I'd thought it'd be very nice, Bellator's name. It sounds very feminin :3


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