Wolves Den

Wolves Den

My new story :) Enjoy :)
-Danielle Maire

Chapter 1

The Move

The day Vince had to move, he was a serious wreak. He was so nerves, he couldn’t breathe, and moving from New York City, United States to Kimbolton, England is sort of a big deal. He has to finish two years of collage in Kimbolton. His parents are sending him there because it’s supposed to be one of the best collages in the world, but really he thinks it’s because it’s so far away.
Vince said his goodbyes to his parents and his brother Nate, Nate is nine years old, technically he’s old enough to go to boarding school in Kimbolton but his parents would never let him, the age limit in the boarding school is 4-18, who in their right mind would send a four year old to boarding school? Vince headed to the security check. He was so over whelmed at this point. He went through the security check and headed straight to sit down to wait for his plane. His stomach ached, he was so hungry and nervous. He got up and went to look for something to eat. At this point he didn’t care what it was but it defiantly had to be edible. He found a place called Apicates. “How may I help you” he man at front counter asked. Vince looked over the menu then said, “A pretzel with cheese and a small root beer, please.” The man filled a small cup with root beer and went to the heater to get the pretzel and poured hot cheese on the side. “Here you go, $ 4.50” Vince handed him a five dollar bill and told him to keep the change and walked away.
They called his flight soon after he finished his pretzel. Vince walked to the entrance to the long hall that took him onto the plane. As he walked down the hall he thought ‘So this is what it feels like to have everything you’ve ever known ripped away.’ When he got on the plane everything looked clean but he knew when all the passengers were on that everything would look cluttered, which he didn’t like the thought at all because he has space issues. No one and I mean No one can get to close to him without him getting closterfobic. Five minutes later everyone started piling in. It made him feel as if he couldn’t breathe but at the same time it gave him comfort knowing that someone on this plane could possibly be in the same situation as him. He very much doubted it but it could be possible. The person who sat by him was an elderly British man, with a full snow white beard, who talks none stop about what him and his daughter did while he visited her.
After about an hour on the plane he fell asleep for about two hours. He thought, ‘three hours down fifteen to go.’ Vince has too much time to kill be for he lands in Kimbolton. So he grabbed his laptop. His first thought was ‘Facebook.’ He logged in and his notifications said twenty six notifications. All twenty six notifications were all his friends telling him that they will miss him and not to forget them and exedra. He missed his friends already; he just really wanted someone he knows to be there with him. His best friend is coming in a week to help him unpack but he will have to survive an entire week in a mysterious dorm room in a apartment building he knew no one at all.

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