The Stroke of Midnight

The Stroke of Midnight

Chapter 2

The Kiss

Sitting in my room, listening to sappy country music, I was a pitiful sight. I had tears streaming down my face, and my supposedly waterproof mascara was mixing with these tears and drying all over my face. My normally straightened hair appeared lusterless and tangled. My wardrobe, which normally consists of cute, fashionable clothes, dwindled down to just a few ratty sweatshirts and sweatpants that looked as though they had been eaten by moths. It was strange, the way I acted, because I really had no reason to act that way. I hadn't been through a horrible breakup. I hadn't even been dating the guy, for goodness' sake. I couldn't help the way I felt, however. I fell asleep, still depressed, and started dreaming of Blake.

When I awoke, I awoke with a jolt. I quickly looked around, and noticed that something weird had happened. Gone were the bright, turquoise walls that I wake up to see every morning. Gone were the smells of lilac and honeysuckle that permeate my suburban neighborhood. Gone was the sound of silence, the sound that I wake up to every morning at dawn. Instead, I woke up to find something entirely different.

When I awoke, the first thing I noticed was the lights. Even though I was obviously outside in the dark, the streets were lit up so brightly. Electric billboards dominated the sides of buildings. Other twinkling lights had a great presence on the streets. It was a fascinating sight, and one that seemed all too familiar.

The second thing I noticed was the crowd. There were so many people, all seemingly ready to celebrate something big. The people seemed to be frozen in time, as if some spell had been put on them. On some impulse, I looked to the side of me, and saw an all too familiar face frozen just inches from mine. It was then that I realized that it was again New Year's Eve, and I was mere seconds away from kissing Blake.

As if with a snap of the fingers, the streets suddenly came alive. I heard the crowd resume their chant, belting out a "3, 2, 1" before they screamed out, "happy new year!" At least, that's what I think they said. I wasn't exactly focusing on the crowd at that moment, if you know what I mean.

Somewhere between the 2 and the 1, after I put my arms around him, I felt Blake's lips meet mine. I closed my eyes, and felt his lips gently kiss mine. It felt warm and soft, tender and passionate at the same time. I felt my heart flutter, and felt a sense of weightlessness, as if nothing but the kiss kept me from floating away. It was pure bliss.

When the kiss ended, we didn't immediately pull away from each other. We just stood there, looking into each other's eyes, while everyone else partied in the streets around us. We had no eyes for them, however. We only had eyes for each other.

Sometime much later, with his arms wrapped around mine, we walked into a nearby restaurant for our first official date. We talked for hours, never having a moment of awkward silence pierce our conversation. It just seemed to flow smoothly, more smoothly than a conversation on any date that I had ever been on before.

As we talked, I learned a lot more about him. He told me about his family and friends, his likes and dislikes. Also, I finally learned his last name. Most importantly, though, I realized that Blake lived in the town next to mine, and went to a high school that was no more than a few miles away from mine. As we talked late into the night, and were surprised to still find ourselves talking as the sun rose, I knew that our relationship would work out. I knew, without a doubt in my mind, that it would last.

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