The Playlist In My Soul

This chain story is to be sent to one of your friends (anyone) and will hopefully be a never ending place where peoples music, parts of their souls, are recorded. I want to hear people, but I can't stand their voices, their heart however I can hear clear as day through their music. If it is your turn to write (or post in the comments :D)) post ten links to your favorite songs ( Youtube if you can) and I will listen to every single one. Music is a part of our souls!!!

Chapter 1

Zenobia Bryan or strawberrydeath46

by: Stubbz
1. Leave You Far Behind- Lunatic Calm


3. Start Wearing Purple- Gogol Bordello

4. We Used To Wait- Arcade Fire

5. Welcome to the Black Parade- MCR

6. Welcome/Enter the Circus- Cristina Aguilera

7. Back to Black- Amy Winehouse

8. Comet- Bouncing Souls

9. London Calling- The Clash

10. Clubbed to Death [Kuramino M] -Rob.D


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