Sorry, I'm Awkward.

This, is going to be a group awkward love story..
Not a fan fiction, just a few people, writing a random awkward story.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1.

I grab my pencil, and quickly scribble on a sheet of paper:
Hello, I'm Evalee!
I'm just a normal teenage girl, with a normal life.
I get along great with my family, and I adore being preppy and making people happy!
Sorry, I lied. miserably in fact.
Shall I rephrase that?
Hello there, I'm Evalee.
I'm completely Awkward, and I am nowhere near normal.
Me and my family don't really get along...
And I dislike preppy people...
But I do love making people happy!
I'm a music freak. I can't go one day without listening to my favorite bands.
I have long brown hair.
It was once Blonde; but I dyed it brown at the beginning of 10th grade, for a/change./
I'm 5'5 and have bluegreen/gray eyes./
I have two sisters and one brother...
And blah blah, I bet you don't care really haha.
But... I should let you all know, that when you find this I most likely wont be here.
Because my parents are going to kill me if they find out what I have done..
You'll never guess.
I was walking in the park one day when.....
A sudden knock sounds the room, and I close my notebook, and Fling it under my bed.
"Eva! Dinner's ready!"
My brother yells, while banging on the door.
"Okay Alex! Be there in a second!"
I pull a hoodie over my head, and I run down the stairs to the dining room, and I sit on my assigned spot, and look around at my family.

/it'll get better, I promise!

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