The weirdest omegle conversations ever!

Here I put all of my weirdest Omegle conversations. Warning: contains extremely odd material that any sane person may find weird.

Chapter 1

I don't even know....

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: I just want you to know that someone loves you, and goes to bed thinking about you every night. That someone, is me.

You: Okay....

Stranger: I love you.

You: I don't know you

Stranger: Will you marry me?

You: Sure, random stranger who really has no idea who I am. I will marry you!

Stranger: Yes!

Stranger: When will we have the wedding?

You: Next month. Okay... seing as we're engaged now.. asl?

Stranger: 18 m

You: 15 f

You: So, random fiance, what's your name?

Stranger: Jeremy

You: Cool. I'm Sparrow


You: Why thank you.

You: So...... are you insane or just a really funny role player?

Stranger: Both.

You: Nice!

Stranger: ;)

You: You dare wink at me sir?

Stranger: I did dare.

Stranger: I'm quite daring myself.

You: Ohhhhh.......... he dares

Stranger: Yes, he does.

You: Well, Jeremy, what are you up to?

Stranger: Playing a game on my phone

You: You're playing a game while you're talking to your fiance? That, sir, is rude!

Stranger: I'm sorry! I didn't know I was gonna meet my future wife TODAY!

You: lol well you should have been prepared to when you asked!

Stranger: And the game is REALLY REALLY REALLY fun.

You: Well, you know what else is REALLY REALLY REALLY fun? Planning our wedding that is in a month!

Stranger: A MONTH?!?!

You: Yes, a month! Now get off the phone and go pick out a tux!

Stranger: Wait, do you have purplehair/

Stranger: ?

You: I do not. I have dark brown hair.

Stranger: Sorry, I can't marry you anymore.

You: Okay, well can we still be friends?

Stranger: NO.

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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