You Decide: How Will the World End?

You Decide: How Will the World End?

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Chapter 2

AnneChocolate: Fears for the Finale

The end of the world.

It’s a different concept for everyone, and not early as solid a theory as it seems to most people. While a scientist may argue that the end of the world won’t happen anytime soon (that, in fact, it won’t happen for billions of years), a grieving mother would sincerely disagree and try to explain that her world, which seemed so vast only years before, has come to an abrupt end.

Do I believe the world will end on December 21st, 2012? No, I don’t. Admittedly, I’ll be nervous – I’ll choke out some laughter and twiddle my thumbs, hoping for the best. I’ll probably lightheartedly tell my relatives I love them. I’ll hug my parents and close my eyes, unable to ask things I’ve never known. I’ll fall asleep thinking about how I’ve never been in love, but smile at the memories of the wonderful things I’ve done.

On the other hand, there is no doubt on my mind that I’ll wake up to another rainy day in my country; that I’ll be able to wonder how I managed to get my hair stuck on the bedpost once again. The world will move on from whatever happens, as it always does – as it will do until, one day, it collapses in on itself or freezes. And if that isn’t the case, why fear death? It is, truly, just like a musical composition. It begins soft, sweet; swells to a dramatic tune; becomes one with your heart; and then there is the finale, which is beautiful and awe-striking and thunderous.

Ladies and gentlemen, do not fear the finale. Whether you believe in the Rapture, December 21st, 2012, or something destined to happen millions of centuries from now, accept that everything must come to an end.

- Bree, Linde

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