Violins In The Snow

Violins In The Snow

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Chapter 1

What does one do when one is not noticed? Should we just stay in the background and refuse to make eye contact with passerby's? Because really, what is the point? When the one person that you loved so dearly didn't even know you exist, how do you go about that? Do you go around moping or try to forget them? Either way, it wouldn't be helpful. Moping is no way to spend the Christmas holiday and trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone that you’ve never met. It's impossible.

Trinity gazed at a violin in a little corner shop. She had worked her fingers to the bone sewing in that factory just to get enough money for the violin. All she had to do now was walk into Benjamin Bates Music Shop and purchase it. Nevertheless, Trinity stood there, gazing at the instrument, working up the courage to go through with her plans. But did she really need the violin? She could use the saved up money to bring home food for her family. Her father had been laid off work and her mother very well couldn't support the family by just washing clothes. Trinity was stumped.

Just behind the young woman stood a young man, broad-shouldered and handsome, he was as well eyeing the violin. And Trinity. He noticed the wave of her dark hair, the curve of her neck. Her very essence gave him great joy. Felix Stanbery had admired Trinity Adams from afar ever since her first saw her in the local park feeding the birds months ago. He knew that she enjoyed tea with only one spoon of sugar. He knew that she enjoyed the winter season despite her unfortunately cold home. And he knew that she adored the violin and had wanted to learn for quite some time.

And there he stood, just behind the love of his life. He could reach out and touch her shoulder if he wanted to. He could very well let her know his face. However, he was still too shy. He didn't have enough nerve to speak to her. Felix would have to find a way to give the violin to her discreetly. He would have to find a way to let her know.

Trinity’s shoulders slumped. She had decided not to purchase the violin. She knew that the money could be used elsewhere, where it could do some good for others. Music wasn't needed for a person to live a satisfactory life. Trinity didn't need music... But she wanted it.

With a twist of her body, and without looking behind her, Trinity walked down the cobble stoned road and towards her home. Her head hung low in sadness. Felix watched her leave, feeling the same sadness of not seeing her smile. He pounded a fist in his hand; he was going to do it. He was going to buy that violin for her.

Felix swung open the Music Shop's door, causing the overhead bell to jingle, and headed straight to the front counter while removing his cap and clutching it to his chest. He looked around and didn't see Mr. Bates anywhere. What Felix did see was a piano in the far corner with a couple of horns staged beside it. The nice brass shined brightly in the light of the small gas lantern.

"Hello?" Felix called out. "I would like to buy the violin in the window!"

A rustling came from the back room where Mr. Bates no doubt was. The old man grumbled as he slowly made his way to the front of his store. The old man had a beard so white; some of the children in the city had believed him to be St. Nicholas in the flesh. He was a cheery gentleman that always had a smile for everyone who entered his shop. Mr. Bates settled himself on the stool behind the front counter.

"What can I do you for?" Mr. Bates asked.

Felix nodded his head in the direction of the window. "I would like to buy that violin, sir."

"Ain't she a beauty?" Mr. Bates stated. "Do you play young man?"

Felix shook his head, "No. But I know a girl who would love to learn."

Mr. Bates eyed Felix knowingly. "Of course it would be for a girl." He got off of his stool and went to go retrieve the instrument. "She's lucky to have a young man like you at her side."

Felix looked down and played with his cap. "She doesn't even know my face, sir."

Mr. Bates paused. "What do you mean? You're buying an expensive gift for a young woman who doesn't even know your face? Why would you do a silly thing like that?"

Felix looked at the man. "Because she is the very breath I breathe, sir. I love her dearly."

Mr. Bates gave Felix a scornful look. "Believe me young man, she isn't worth the trouble."

"Oh but she definitely is, sir. If you but knew her face, her beauty and character would be my only defense to your belief."

Mr. Bates didn't know for sure if the young man buying the violin was the smartest of the bunch. Truthfully, Mr. Bates didn't want the young man's heart to be broken when he found that his affections were not returned. However, he admired the boy for his determination and dedication. If the young woman indeed would potentially return the affection in as much as a month's time, she would not regret it.

"Fine, young man, I will let you purchase this," Mr. Bates settled on saying. "However, remember that you have a big and kind heart, no matter what the outcome may be."

Felix smiled so largely, one might think his teeth would fall out. "Thank you so very much, sir. You have no idea how much this means to me."

Mr. Bates chuckled, "From the look on your face, I can grasp an idea."

Felix exchanged the correct amount on shillings for the violin and left the music shop with a sense of happiness in his wake. Just wait until Trinity found the violin under her Christmas tree, oh how happy she would be. But, the question was, how would he get the present to her home without her noticing? Felix hadn't planned that far ahead.

Maybe if he were to just drop it off on her front steps? No, some low life could swipe it. Maybe just go up to her, face to face and just hand it to her? No respectable woman would take something from a stranger. Felix really hadn't thought this through at all. He continued to think and think and think. Then he found a reasonable answer. He was acquainted with Trinity's father, Mr. Adams and could give the gift to him instead. Besides, it would be proper to let Trinity's father know that he had admired his daughter for several months. It was the gentleman-like thing to do.

Felix went home and decided that the next morning when Trinity went to work at the factory, he'd call on the Adams household and reveal his intentions concerning Trinity.

The next morning, Trinity woke up very ill. She had been fighting a terrible lung infection known as Tuberculosis for quite some time now. She hadn't wanted her parents and siblings to find out, but when she couldn't get out of bed as early as usual, they knew something was wrong. She didn't want to be a burden and she was sure that she could handle the sickness on her own. However, she had known that her secret would get out sooner rather than later. Especially when she wouldn't survive the holidays.

Felix had woken with pure joy. He would soon bestow his gift upon the love of his life and finally be acquainted with her. She will finally know who I am, Felix thought. I'll finally get to great her normally out onto the street with no fear of ridicule. He left his home after kissing his mother on her cheek, all the while finally proclaiming his love of a dear and sweet girl.

"Who is this girl Felix?" asked his mother.

"A Miss Trinity Adams, mother. She is so very beautiful and lovely." He hugged her once more. "I'm off to give her the violin I bought yesterday. Goodbye!"

Felix found himself skipping down the cobblestone streets, humming a lovely Christmas tune to set the best mood he'd ever been in. The whole city seemed brighter rather than the smoggy old neighborhoods he was so used to. Virtually nothing could ruin his day. No matter how many gloomy faces reached him, he wouldn't be sad. No, not on the day he may be acquainted with Trinity Adams.

The apothecary was called to the Adams residence and was currently caring for Miss Trinity. Mr. and Mrs. Adams were pacing outside of their daughter's bedroom, trying to settle the nerves of their other children.

"Will Trinity be alright, mother?" asked the youngest son.

Mr. Adams was distraught and couldn't answer his son's question. Mrs. Adams bent down in front of little Henry. "My dear sweet boy, the doctor is doing what he can for her at the moment. All we can do is hope that the bloodletting helps."

Henry nodded and went back to join his sisters in the kitchen. The children all loved Trinity dearly and wouldn't want anything to happen to her. The fact that she was sick for so long without letting them have the knowledge was frightening. Did she know something they didn't?

Felix came across the home of the Adams'. He observed the apothecary leaving the home with a sad look on his face. Was one of the children in the home sick with a cold? Felix would soon find out.

With a couple knocks on the door, Felix waited and caused fog with his warm breath. The door opened to a tall man whose facial features were drawn. Mr. Adams wasn't in the mood for visitors.

"If this is a bad time, I can call later if you wish." Felix offered.

Mr. Adams shook his head, "Come on inside Felix, and find yourself a seat."

Felix did as asked and sat near little Henry. The family was all there, except for Trinity. Felix didn't like the look of this.

"What is it you're here for Felix?" Mr. Adams questioned.

Propping up the violin in its case, Felix said, "To give this gift to your daughter, sir. Trinity had been eyeing it for a while and I thought that she would like to have it."

Mr. and Mrs. Adams looked at each other for a moment then Mrs. Adams spoke.

"Felix, dear, you best be returning the instrument. Trinity has no need for that now."

"Why? What is it?" the young man questioned.

Mr. Adams looked at Felix, "She's very sick and must stay in bed for some time."

"How long?" Felix asked.

"It isn't any of your business young man," Mr. Adams replied. "She is with her family now."

Mrs. Adams stood and went to her husband and whispered, "You know how he feels about her. You've seen it in his eyes. He deserves to know."

Mr. Adams narrowed his eyes at Felix, like doing this would somehow cease the sickness taking over Trinity's body and slowly killing her. Like displaying anger towards Felix was somehow the cure. But it wasn't. Nothing anyone could do now would save his daughter.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom where Trinity was laying, she was humming a small tune to herself. She could hear that someone she had never met before was in the front room, asking for a private audience with her. Who could it be? She thought to herself. I've never heard the voice before.

The door to the bed room opened and revealed a young man of sandy hair and warm brown eyes. He found a seat near the head of the bed and settled the violin case on the floor. His eyes met hers and held her grey irises. She was the most beautiful girl he ever had the pleasure to behold.

For some strange reason, Trinity felt at ease with this young man. He seemed to calm her and she hadn't even cared that she was in no state to have visitors. She didn't care that she was on her death bed. She just liked staring into his brown eyes.

"My name is Felix Stanbery," the young man said.

Trinity cleared her throat. "My name is Trinity Adams. It's a pleasure to meet you."

The winter holiday went on as it normally would. Felix and Trinity became really great friends. Felix would go over each day and spend hours talking with his love. They spoke about everything under the sun and anything that held their interest. Trinity even found the strength to get up and out of bed one afternoon and spend it outside with Felix. They had snowball fights and drank hot cocoa together while sharing secrets with one another. They had grown quite close; however, every happy moment has its consequence.

Trinity died the following weekend but only after declaring her love for Felix. She never did get to learn to play the violin, but she didn't mind. She had much rather spend her last remaining hours with Felix and her family. Trinity passed on full of contentment. She had never had a better Christmas holiday in her life.


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