Those Blonde Moments...

So ima tell you the random and awkward things in that I unintentionally in my life

every chapter is a different story!
Hope you like it(:
For future reference:
My school schedule goes like this:
1st period [1 hour, 50 minutes]
2nd period [1 hour, 50 minutes]
Break [10 minutes] (excludes Wednesdays)
3rd period [1 hour, 50 minutes]
4th period [1 hour, 50 minutes]
just to let ya know so you aren't confused

Chapter 1

December 6, 2012

by: Rachiumz
Ok, so today in my English Lit. Class, we were talking about Edgar Allen Poe,
and his story, The House of Usher
Btw creepy story...

(and to be honest.. I was half-asleep the entire time...)

We are in the middle of taking notes during it and then the bell rings.
And I'm thinking today is Wednesday... So we don't have break.

I get my backpack and stand up, and I walk towards the door.
I notice that no one else is getting up and they are sitting there.
I was thinking that they forgot that the bell rang.

They it clicked
shit. It's Thursday. Wtf am I doing?!??

The teacher is staring at me and I'm like "oh..haha..I thought today was Wednesday! Oops." And I walk slowly back to my seat. And everybody is still staring at me...

(So pretty much, I look like an idiot..and that teacher didn't like me anyway.)

So yea...awk moment :/

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