Lost Myself And I Am Nowhere To Be Found...(One Direction Fanfic)

Name: Nikki Leah Tomlinson
Age: 18
Polyvore: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=65018183
House/Family: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=2094577

Chapter 1

Not Easy

"Yeah, sure," I replied to my brother, Derek.

We were driving back to the house from a party, a bit drunk. I turned on the radio full blast. The song Up All Night by One Direction blasted through the speakers.

"Isn't that Louis group?" asked Derek.

"Yes, that is Louis' group!"I exclaimed.

We continued laughing and driving, we still had a long way home. We were so into the music that we didn't see the car coming, or the stop sign. Next thing we knew we were spinning out of control and I hit my head pretty hard against something and everything went black.

I woke up with tear in my eyes. That accident happened two years ago and Derek never forgave himself because of the outcome. Turns out that the hit on the head turned out to be worse than expected. It ruin my dreams and my hearing.

My father came running into my room with a concerned look on his face.

Are you okay? he signed. I must of waken up screaming, once again. Before responding I grabbed my hearing aids and put them on. They help a bit, I can hear but not as loud as I could.

"Yeah...just a night mare," I replied looking at the ground. He knew to drop the subject, so he just left.

After the accident we moved to the states for some help with from the doctors, and we decided to stay here because I wanted to. I couldn't go back and face my old life, which was filled with music and laughter, I couldn't go back to that. I haven't seen a familiar face ever since, except my parents, brothers, and sisters. I had to learn sign language,and change everything in my life.

I looked at the clock and decided to get up and get ready for college. . I got up and went into my closet, picked out the clothes for the day, which took about thirty minutes, then headed for the bathroom.

"You look beautiful," said and sign Kathleen when I got to the table. My family had a tough time dealing with it also, they also had to learn sign language.

Thank you, you too I signed back with a small smile.

When don't I? she signed back making roll my eyes and laugh.

"So, are you staying for anything today?" My mom asked as she came in the room, I could barely hear her, but I could make out the words.

"No, I never do. Why areyou asking?" I asked, she stayed quiet so I looked up.

I thought you could audition for the school musical

Don't start..please I signed back a bit mad. Ever since the accident I dropped everything that had to with music, and when I say everything I mean everything. Dancing, singing, song writing, and playing.

I looked back down not wanting to see or hear anything about the topic. I'm sick and tired of them trying to get me "back in the game."

"Mum is right you know...," Derek faint voice started to say but stoped when I gave him a death glare.

"Just leave her alone, when she's ready she'll do it," said Stephen.

"I agree with mah twin," said Steven.

"Of course you dorks," replied Kristen, I knew her so well that I knew she was rolling her eyes, then I heard a faint laugh I recognize from Hunter.

I started to miss the old days, so, I simply took my hearing out deciding that I really didn't want to hear the conversation. Everything went silent but I could see their mouth moving. Derek realized what I had done and shook his head.

Why do you do that?

I don't wanna miss

Mom is calling you, she's actually screaming

I turn to face my mom, and soon she realized I didn't have my hearing aid and stopped talking.

Put them back on

"I'm leaving," I spoke out loud, but I didn't hear my voice,or their reply. I simply left to school.

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