I Just Wanted To Answer Questions For You,

I just wanted to answer these questions

Chapter 1


Age? 16

Where I'm from? Kentucky

Where I would like to live? California

Favorite food? Either tacos or spaghetti

Religion? I'm agnostic

Sexual orientation? Straight

Single/taken? My boyfriend just broke up with me on Thursday, so I'm single. :(

Favorite book? Either Hunger Games or Vampire Academy.

Eye color? Hazel, but my friends say they are green... They aren't

Favourite movie? Hard decision, but I'd have to say "10 Things I Hate About You."

Favourite TV show? Again, hard question, but I'd have to say The Voice. The lead singer of one of my favorite bands is on there. Cassadee Pope. VOTE FOR HER.

Favorite band/singer? This is gonna take a while. I like: Asking Alexandria, All Time Low, Avenged Sevenfold, Falling In Reverse, We Are The In Crowd, Tonight Alive, Hey Monday, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, Paramore, Motionless In White, Catching Your Clouds, Of Mice And Men, Suicide Silence, A Day To Remember, Her Bright Skies, Snow White's Poison Bite, The Maine, Mayday Parade, LIGHTS, Blessthefall, etc.

Random fact about me? I have very low self esteem and music is basically my life

Favorite day of the year? October 16th :3 It's my birthday and my favorite month is October, favorite number 16. :)

Favorite color? Black :)

If I have any pets; if so, their names? I have 3 dogs here at my house: Ziggy, Lucky, and Marley. 4 dogs at my mom's house: Spanky, Polly, Birtie, and Queenie. 2 Cats at my house: Basi and Ghost. 2 cat's at my mom's house: Aysha and Dexter.

What I'm listening to right now? Second and Sebring by Of Mice and Men

Last movie I've watched? It was probably Hercules or something.

What's my ringtone? Roger Rabbit by Sleeping With Sirens. I need to change it soon.

Favorite male character from a TV show? I know this isn't exactly the TV show they're talking about, but Terry McDermott from The Voice

Favorite female character from a TV show? Cassadee Pope from The Voice.

What my name means? My name is Haley and the first time I checked it said Hero. I looked it up the other day and it said Hay Meadow so I don't know.

Favorite superhero? Batman!

Celebrity crush? Again this will take a while and they are all from bands: Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low), Jack Barakat (All Time Low), Austin Carlisle (Of Mice and Men), Ben Bruce (Asking Alexandria), Chris Cerulli (Motionless In White), Ricky Olson (Motionless In White), Brian Haner/Synyster Gates (Avenged Sevenfold), Matt Sanders/M.Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold), Zack Backer/Zacky Vengeance (Avenged Sevenfold), Ronnie Radke (Falling In Reverse), Jacky Vincent (Falling In Reverse), Drake Christopher Henning (Catching Your Clouds), Kellin Quinn (Sleeping With Sirens), Justin Hills (Sleeping With Sirens), Vic Fuentes (Pierce The Veil), Jaime Preciado (Pierce The Veil), Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides), Jordan Witzigrueter (The Ready Set), John O' Callaghan (The Maine), Kennedy Brock (The Maine), etc. I know there have got to be more there are just so many hot guys involved in the type of music I like.

My birthday? October 16th

Ever self-harmed? Yes. I only do it when I get mad or need to get my mind off of things. When I get mad I scream, I kick things, and sometimes I take it out on my own skin.



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