So these are scary stories that BOOMGIRLZIEINSIDEJOKE and i know....
If you know any good ones please let me know, I might put it in

Chapter 1

Black Coffin

Once, there was a old man who lived with his wife. This woman knew she was going to die, so she told her husband,

"When I die, I want to be buried in a white dress, in a white coffin, 100 miles from home."

But her husband wasn't famous for remembering, so when his wife died three years later, he buried her in a black dress, a black coffin, 50 miles from home.

He went to bed that night feeling sad, as you do when your wife has died. But, just as he was getting into bed, he heard a voice.

"Black coffin, black coffin, 50 miles from home."

A shiver ran down his spine, when the voice spoke again.

"Black coffin, black coffin, 20 miles from home."

He pulled the covers further up his face.

"Black coffin, black coffin, 10 miles from home."

Boy, was that voice spooky.

"Black coffin, black coffin, coming up your lane."

"Black coffin, black coffin, walking through your door."

He heard the front door swing open.

"Black coffin, black coffin, coming up your stairs."

He realised he was holding his breath. He let it go and took a deep breath, not knowing it might well be his last.

"Black coffin, black coffin, underneath your bed."

He screamed.

And that man was never seen again

A/N = sing the black coffin in a spooky voice for added effect =D

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