Some Things Are Ment To Be- A Niall Horan Love Story

Name: Sidus Fatum Latanio
Looks: Long black straight hair with a streak of teal, large emerald eyes, tall, lean athletic build, sharp teeth(molars too)
Personality: protective, deadly to haters, kind, respectful, careful, sneaky, prankster
Family: Sol-solis Latanio~ father, Luna latanio~mother, Ignis Latanio~ big bro, Libertas ~ pet black and white peregrine falcon
Nicknames: Star, Destiny
first chapter age:17 Birthday: July 15 1994

Chapter 1

When The Boys Are In The House, The Paparazzi Comes

August 30 2012
Sidus/star"s P.O.V.
i woke up to the delicious smell of bacon being fried. i rolled out of my king canopy bed and climbed down the ladder to the actual room floor. yeah, i know, a hanging canopy bed. awesome right? my room is just like an artificial forest. anyways i climbed down and landed on my custom made false grass floor. it felt perfect. after some morning stretches i looked out the window to see what kind of day it was. sunny perfect swimming conditions. so i went to my large ocean scene spa like bath room showered, cleaned, brushed my hair, brushed my teeth and to my cave themed walk-in closet i go. i chose my blue and green bikini, put my purple one shoulder t-shirt and cargo short-shorts on top. as i walked to the door i glanced at my clock. 11:30 a.m. good time for a swim.
"darling hurry up! we have a few star guests coming at about lunch so eat something quick." yelled mum. great, it's probably another bunch of snooty actresses. last time dad had invited stupid Cody Simpson. he teased me behind their backs about having elective mutisum but still, if i had been alone any longer with him he would have tried to kiss me. i ran downstairs and wolfed down some bacon and eggs. then i grabbed a few towels, my blue sunglasses, the book Sundancer and my favorite green flip flops, and bolted for the back door leading to the humungous pool. once i set all my stuff up i heard the door bell ring. i ignored it, tied up my hair, took off my t-shirt and shorts and jumped in just as someone opened the patio door. i let myself drift down to the pool floor then leaped out of the water and doing a back flip before landing on one of our soft stationary flouting islands in the middle of our pool.
"'Hello, im harry, harry styles." i whipped my head in the direction of the voice. only one person has that name. i soon located a group of boys by the edge of the pool, one direction. the one who spoke had curly brown hair. i panicked because one direction was like the hottest boy band in the universe. i decided to just do the nod, smile, wave and run routine. when it was time to run i jumped into the water and headed to the bottom to hide. i waited for about twenty five seconds. nothing happened, another twenty five, nothing happened, another twenty five and then i swam back up. i looked carefully around and spotted them.
"why don't you say hello?" one of them asked. he had black hair, zayn. i was spared my embarrassment when my big brother came out.
"hi, im ignis! are you the guests mum told us about?" he asked politely. they nodded.
"we said hi to that girl over there but she won't speak back. why is that? and who is she?" another asked. liam, i was sure.
"something called elective mutisum. her name is sidus by the way. she's my little sister. do you you wanna swim?" he asked.
"sure, but we don't have trunks." louis stated. the last guy, niall, i noticed hadn't spoken yet. it seemed that he was eating something from a large plate a few meters away from the others. bacon, my eyes widened and i almost flew over to get some. when my mouth was full of delicious fatty bacon i looked up to see everyone staring at me except for ignis who rolled his eyes and face palmed. when i realized how ridiculous i looked. i blushed and swallowed.
"um, sorry about my sister, she goes crazy over bacon." ignis said. i shot him a death glare so full of anger he winced. since it had turned into a awkward silence i grabbed my large turquoise beach towel, put on my flip flops and went inside to wash the bacon grease off me. when i got back the boys were all playing tag in the shallow end i jumped into the deepest area with absolutely no splash. i did some water acrobatics, dives and got out. i dried off and an idea came to mind. it was just my brother i the pool because niall, harry, zayn, louis and liam were playing volleyball. i quickly ran to my room and grabbed the water dye. i sneaked back down and poured some into the pool. it worked well so i went to the huge willow in nearby. i easily climbed it and waited. i read for a bit then stopped when i heard an explosion of laughter. i looked out to see my brother out of the pool with his hair dyed pink.
"SIDUS!!!!!!!!!!!!" he roared. i was waiting for this. i smiled and came out of the tree book in hand. oh, he was mad, perfect. i put on a look of innocence and pointed to myself, then his hair, then shook my head.
"I KNOW YOU DID THIS! DON'T ACT DUMB! REVERSE IT!!!" i shook my head again and pointed to me, the willow and the book. then i mimed sitting in the tree and reading. i jumped back up and did the first pointing sequence again. he sighed and went to the bathroom to wash out his hair. as soon as he was inside i laughed.
"so it was you wasn't it?" niall said, i nodded, winked and put my finger to my lips.
"come on guys lunch time! i made burgers!" mum summoned. so the boys and i walked over silently and ate our burgers. we suddenly heard a loud commotion i the bushes by mum's zen garden. lights flashed, people garbled, the signs if the paparazzi. Damn. we all bolted, everyone was supposed to go into the house but i got cut off with niall so we jumped into the water. lights were still flashing so i led niall to a small hole near the bottom of the pool. we swam through and i locked it behind us. the tunnel led to a secret sort of cave that could also lead to the house. it even had a store room for non-perishable foods encase we're holed up there for a while. so in a way it's like a beaver den. so anyways we took the tunnel to the house. when we got to the trap door mum and the rest of the boys were there.
"oh good he made it. now we just have to wait until security finishes dealing with this." ignis greeted hair still pink. "in the mean time, lets watch a movie."
so we did. the movie was called 'Hotel Transylvania'. after the movie the boys acted childish and kept saying 'blah blah blah', you know, the really funny bit. anyways i was embarrassed to say i joined about 11:00 pm, libertas came through through the really small bird window with a door that we made for her. she quickly flew to her own room with agility mazes, live food that can't get out, pond with live pomfret and salmon, four nests to sleep in, multiple perches and other things to spoil our little angel.
"ok, i guess it's time for bed, ill go get some guest rooms ready for you boys. ignis, sidus, you two go shower, brush your teeth and hair then change into your pj's, ok?"' mum ordered. we nodded and went to go do her bidding. when i finished i dried my hair and wen for a late dinner. when we were done the paparazzi was gone. suddenly...
DING DONG the door bell rang. i already knew who it was. so i went and opened the door for my three BFFs and their pets. there names were Sydney Swift, Rochelle Underwood and Sharrayh Lynch. Character Info:

Sydney Swift
Looks: very curly medium strawberry blonde hair, pale almost white eyes, tall, thin, long arms and legs, athletic
Personality: funny, fast, clumsy, care free, loud, hyper, protective of friends, brave, caring, respectful, sneaky, prankster
Family: Taylor Swift~sister, Scott Kingsley Swift~father, Andrea (née Finlay)~mother, Austin Swift~brother, Sundae~golden anaconda (problem?)
Age: June 17, 1994 (17)
Nicknames: Syd

Rochelle Underwood
Looks: Long strait jet black hair, light brown eyes, shortish, athletically lean
Personality: nervous, careful, wary, fast, uncoordinated, protective, shy, caring, respectful, sneaky, prankster
Family: Stephen and Carole Underwood~parents, Shanna, Carrie and Stephanie Underwood~sisters, Gloria~pet tiger striped cat
Age: August 29 1994 (Just 17)
Nicknames: Roch, Shelly

Sharrayh Lynch
Looks: Short bushy sandy brown hair, earthy green eyes, normal size, athletically lean
Personality: Cautious, fast, agile, protective, brave, funny, caring, respectful, sneaky, prankster
Family: Riker, Rydel, Rocky, Ryland and Ross Lynch~siblings, Mark and Stormie Lynch~parents, Tess~rottweiler shepherd lab dog mix.
Age: July 29 1994
Nicknames: Shar, Rey

(Harry's girlfriend is coming later in the story)

"HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!" syd screamed. all the pets suddenly started slithering and running to the pet room. i smiled and waved. i also signed to them about 1D being here. since they didn't get it due to my excitement i just dragged them to the living room to where the boys were having a wrestling match. when they saw they nodded but i knew that on the inside they were fan girling, so i mentally rolled my eyes at them.
"hey mum! sidus's friends are sleeping over!" ignis yelled at the top of his lungs. my mum just came out of the kitchen and nodded. so syd, roch, rey and i just ran to my room and went up to my canopy to set up the usual hammocks. when we finished we all wanted to go eavesdrop on the boys. so w gathered around the vent and listened.
"...and im also gonna buy molly a new blanket from new york or Vancouver." harry's voice echoed.
"ok harry we get it you love molly." niall interrupted. "now can we spy on the girls? i want to see what sidus's room looks like."
"you mean you want to see sidus naked" zayn chuckled
"yes. now come on lads." he laughed and we heard footsteps and the sound of them opening their door. we looked at each other and giggled. oh, boys. i unlocked my room door and we went to bed. they can serch but they won't ever find us in the canopy. just before i drifted off i saw our pets coming over to sleep too.

Niall's P.O.V.
harry had led us to the room he remembered to be sidus's and opened the door silently. i crept in followed by the rest into what seemed like a huge forest. we spread out and looked everywhere but all we found was the bathroom and closet. darn. then it came to me. if they weren't on the floor than-i was suddenly hit with hunger.
'fooooooooooooooood.' i drawled and everyone just looked at me like i was mad. "what im hungry?"

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