Now I am Getting VERY Tired of Your Shit, Quibblo....

Chapter 1

Bitches are going to get stitches....

by: Ontrix
I am SO SICK of Quibblo. I am tired of the self-righteous fucks on here. The few GOOD people on here are almost always getting harassed some how by people who are stuck-up, immature, or just plain cruel.
Seriously, people, grow up.

I'm also TIRED of people bitching because something isn't spelled right or improper grammar. The reasons for this is:

1. I grow up in a small town where the school almost LITERALLY care about nothing but how good their damn athletics ar. I mean seriously, if you don't turn in your homework or something, nothing is said. But if you screw up a football play or dance routine you'll have hell to pay. I am NOT joking. They couldn't care less about your academics. This is why the few people I can actually call my friends at my town are shunned, because they shine in academics, which goes unrecognized. Even my parents and their agree with me, so it's not just me blowing out hot air.
2. Don't like it, don't look. Or try and use that brain of yours and figure out what they are saying. The human mind is capable of reading things even if they are TOTALLY jumbled.
3. It is judgemental. You don't know why that person has a problem spelling. They could have dyslexia for all you know. Just be kind.

Secondly, I am also tired of people getting angry for not liking something they do. People treat fandoms like religion. Really people, it's a show/anime/game/movie... Are we three-year-olds, here? People are not going to always agree with your opinions, ideas, or interests.

Thirdly, so WHAT if one of your other friends talks to someone you don't like. They can talk to whomever they please.

I've seen so many people torn apart from me and others because they simply can't just be kind and understanding...

END OF RANT (For now....)


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