This One's 4 The Girlz

To all of those lovelies who deserve more than what they are given......

Chapter 1

You Are Beautiful

by: 1D4Life
This one's for the girls who find themselves alone at night

Who cry themselves to sleep

This one's for the girls who are afraid to love

Because they feel as if they have no support backing them up

This one's for the girls who have been called fat, ugly, stupid, and so on

Know that you are none of those things, only the opposite

This one's for the girls who feel left behind

As if the whole world is against them

This one's for the girls who feel as if they'll finish their lives alone

Know that there is a lid to every pot

I want anyone who is reading this and who have ever felt this way to stop thinking negative.

Stop feeling as if its you against the world

I want you to know that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

And with that being said, you should be the strongest person alive

You know the bratty, stuck up girls at your school?

The ones who have everything?

Realize that they maybe they come from a broken home and materials is all that they have

You know those hot jocks who think they're so cool?

Realize that they're not as cool as you think

Instead they probably get stoned at a bad age and probably come from a broken home as well

Just because you don't wear named brands doesn't mean you're "not cool"

Cool is just a term people use to make themselves feel superior

Everyone dresses in their own unique way

You're shoes may not be Lebrons or UGGS

Who cares? The ones who don't are the ones you should be around


The "dorks" or "losers"

End up being the most successful people in the world

Look at Liam Payne,

Invited everyone to his birthday party when he was little and no one showed up

Bet they wish they did now

So just remember,

You are beautiful

In every single way :)


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