You Know Spark Fly...(One Direction Group Story)

This story is by me and Kylina, we hope you like it:))

Chapter 3

Stardust's POV

I groaned as Echo pulled me through the stairs. I didn't want anything to do with this man.

"Hey girls," said Simon smiling big as we reached the last step.

"Hey," replied Echo, being polite as always. I simply crossed my arms and glared at him. I could tell felt the cold shoulder, he simply shifted on his feet.

"You know, for being twins you two are nothing alike," he replied trying to break the ice.

"Yeah," I replied with a noticeable fake smile, but then dropped it," You would have known if you would have been around."

The room was suddenly quiet, Echo cleared her throat as I smirked at Simon. He just stood there, not knowing what to reply.

"I...I know I haven't been around...and I'm sorry," he replied trying not to look us in the eyes.

"Well, I'm know why?" I asked.

"Star not now," said Echo using my nickname.

"You're right," I said as I began to walk away,"Not now and not ever." I was already on the stairs when I turned to face them again," Oh and I'm going out tonight, I'm not asking, I'm just informing you!"

As soon as I got to my room I slammed my door. I turned around and turned on the radio on full volume and started to unpack. When I found my One Direction Cd I put it on. Yes, the big bad girl likes the boy band! At least Simon did something right in his life.

As soon as I was done unpacking I texted Emmett to come for me. I needed some black paint so I can start painting the lyrics on the wall. Maybe it will be fun if Simon sees Emmett.

Emmett is a twenty year old, tattoos all over his arms, high school drop out, and lets just say he doesn't have the cleanest record. He has bee the only boyfriend I've had, like ever.

A moment passed and I walked downstairs and waited outside, to my luck Simon was there trying to talk to Echo and she looked like she was trying to be polite but couldn't. I sat on the step and waited for Emmett. As the cool breeze hit my face I started to zone out. Until Simon voice brought me back to reality.

"Who's is that on the motorcycle, and why is he in my house?"

"That happens to be my boyfriend, and like I told you earlier I'm going out,"I replied running to meet Emmett. He gave me a long kiss, and I quickly got on the motorcycle.

"Stardust!" Simon called out.

"Step on it baby," I told Emmett with a smirk and we sped off.

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