You Know Spark Fly...(One Direction Group Story)

This story is by me and Kylina, we hope you like it:))

Chapter 2

Echo's POV

I watched Stardust go and I quickly followed. I walked up the stairs to go pick a room, but all I wanted was to be home, my actual home. I walked along the hallway and I finally picked the very last room. The room which is the furthest away from the staircase and Stardust’s room. I open the door and I know automatically this is the room I want.
It has light pink walls, a king size bed, a bedside table, my own bathroom, a pink chandelier, a desk, a bookshelf and a little balcony where I can see the city and the little greenhouse in the backyard. I then walk over to the closet and I open the doors and its walk in and it’s huge! I then smile to my-self, it’s almost like my dream room! It just needs a few touch ups. I turn back to look at the room. It just needs a few pictures…..a few posters of One Direction, some pictures I drew my-self, some Christmas things and…….’Hey girl I’m waiting on ya…’ I hear my mobile go off. It’s most likely my best friend, Christine. I look at the caller ID and I’m right. I then answer it.

Me: Hey Chrissie!
Christine: Hey, how’s the new house?
Me: You know, it’s huge, it’s quite nice. I have a huge room, I just need to add a few of my own touches to it, you know?
Christine: Yeah, I know. Don’t forget to hang up a few One Direction pictures!
Me: Oh, I won’t forget!
Christine: Good girl! I hope you settle into the house okay! Now I have to go, got Dance class now! I was just checking up to make sure you like the house!
Me: Okay! And I quite like the house, it’s not home though.
Christine: Oh, Echo, it’ll be home soon enough! Gotta go, love ya girl!

Then she hangs up.
“It’ll never be home” I say to my-self as I throw my phone on the bed and I walk out to get my stuff. I then crash into Stardust.
“Sorry” she says and we both look at each other.
“It’s not home” I tell her.
“I know” she says. “What are you doing?”
“I’m going to get my stuff” I reply.
“So am I, let’s go” she then says and we make our way down-stairs. We both grab our bags and we make our way up the stairs and into our own rooms. I shut my bed-room door and I start to un-pack my things. First of all, I garb a few of my One Direction posters and I pop them up on my walls. I then grab a few dresses and hang them up. I get out a picture of Stardust, Mum and I and I put it onto the bedside table. Stardust and I are only about 10 in this picture. It was one of the best times of my life. We’d gone to a carnival and we’d had so much fun! I then un-pack a few other things. I then stop and I pull out my favourite book, Fallen by Lauren Kate thinking I can finish un-packing later on. I then stand up and I go and sit on my bed and I start to read it all over again.

It’s a couple hours later and I hear a light knock on my door and then it opens and it’s Stardust. I find it strange that we’re twins but we’re really nothing alike. She has long black hair and blue eyes and then I have long blonde hair and green eyes. I’m taller and our personalities are so different! The only thing that is the same is that our hair is curly and long.
“Simon’s here and he wants to ‘talk to us’” she tells me rolling her eyes. I then put my bookmark in my book and I put it on my bed-side table.
“Who told you?” I then ask, as I stand up and I walk over to her.
“One of his maids” she says with a shrug. I then walk out into the hall and I pull the door shut behind me.
“We should probably go down then” I say with a sigh as I take her hand and we make our way down-stairs.

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