You Know Spark Fly...(One Direction Group Story)

This story is by me and Kylina, we hope you like it:))

Chapter 18

Echo's POV

"Half way done!" I say, sitting on my bed. Zayn and I are halfway through un-packing my room. Zayn then comes over and he sits next to me.
"Yeah, and only half of that took almost 4 hours!" Zayn tells me.
"Well, I have a lot of stuff!" I say with a shrug.
"I noticed" he tells me with a small smile. "I also noticed that you've been almost avoiding me since I kissed you." I then look at him.
"Well, uh, you did?" I then ask, realizing I had been kind of avoiding him a bit.
"Yes, I did" he tells me and I scoot over a little closer.
"I don't mean, I just tend to run away from people I like" I tell him and he looks at me confused. "I had a bad experience once, it didn't stop me from dating guys, but it did stop me from dating the guys I like, and the bad boys."
"Well, I'm not that bad am I?" he then asks and I giggle.
"Well, okay, you're really that bad" I say.
"Well, wait, you said I'm a guy you like!" he then states and I smile.
"Yes, I did say that, you notice a lot!" I state surprisingly. Wondering how Zayn Malik of all guys could notice so much about me.
"Well, it's kind of hard not to, especially with you" he says and my heart flutters, like a butterflies wing. He then kisses me again and I really don't want to stop it, I can take one more chance, Zayn isn't him. I pull away and I smile at him. "Take a chance on me!"
"I think I'll take you up on that offer!" I tell him and he smiles.
"And now I'm hungry!" I say, standing up and running to the doorway.
"Okay, but be quite! Everyone will probably be asleep by now!" Zayn warns and we both run out of my room and down the stairs to the kitchen. I open the fridge and I find some chocolate and I pull it out. "That's mine."
"Can I have some?" I then ask and he smiles.
"Of-course!" I then smile and I break the chocolate in half and I hand some to him. "Thanks!" We finish eating it then I put the wrapper in the bin and we head back up-stairs to my room. I quickly grab my pajamas and I go into my bathroom and put them on. I then walk out and Zayn's already ready and he's lying in my bed.
"Don't mind if I stay another night in your room?" he asks with a cheeky smile.
"Of-course not!" I say with a smile.
"Are we together?' he then asks, raising an eyebrow.
"I'll tell you tomorrow" I say and he sighs.
"You're so evil making me wait!" he says as I go up to the light switch.
"Deal with it" I say as I flick the light off.

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