Mere Thoughts (Ciel and Sebastian)

~ Non-yaoi just a short story of Ciel's and Sebastian's thought about each other. Enjoy ^^~

Chapter 1

Just a soul...Just a pawn

by: Seeha
~Sebastian's point of view~

My master's soul is like no other, filled with so much anger, sadness, and hatred.
A soul any demon would die for. Just the thought of his soul makes me want to devour it right now.

But unfortunately I must wait until the contract is fulfilled. Until the people who killed my Master's parents are dead...

To be honest I don't really care about him or his past, I only care about that perfect, delicious, soul he contains in that pathetic human body. Yet he never fails to amaze me.

His struggles, his goals, his thirst to drag those who wronged him to hell, can be so intriguing, so...Entertaining.

My young master is truly one to behold even if it's just for a moment.

~ ~ ~

~Ciel's point of view~

My butler...Is a mere pawn, needed only to help me win the game. A game that ends with the death of my enemies...And the death of me.

I don't want to die...

But I have no choice since I made that bloody contract...

In the end though it'll be worth it, even it I have to cast aside my other pawns, until Sebastian is the only one standing. Whatever the cost I will avenge my parents.

~ ~ ~


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