The golden dove. (Hetalia fanfic)

The golden dove. (Hetalia fanfic)

Hetalia fanfiction.
Two Ocs. Tokyo and Hetalia Romania .

Chapter 1


by: Lesy
Name - Tokyo
Age- ??
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long pink hair kept in a low pony tail. Golden eyes. Always wears Hello Kitty stuff. (Pics in my photo album)
Personality: Loves to draw and write Storys, Happy, Hyper, can be calm, dirty mind, loves horror games/stories/movies, likes to prank people.
Love Interest: America.

-Loves how it’s so easy to scare America.
-Is friends with Hetalia Romania and Italy.
-Loves to prank Germany.
- Is Japan's little sister and isn't like him at all, she’s more wild.

Name: Hetalia Romania
Gender: Female
Appearance: Brown long hair (always in ponytail), black bandana, white long dress, black and green blazer, blue eyes, pretty, (There’s a picture in GAZ11276 photo album)
Personality: Happy, Kind, generous, Polite.
Love Interest: Italy XD
-Speaks Romanian Sometimes
-Enjoys her friends.
-Is one of Germany's slaves (Just like Italy)
-Favorite food is ginger bread.

Sorry it's so short. It is just to let you know who Tokyo is. The next chapter will be so you know who Hetalia Romania is.

I don't own anything. Other then my Oc.

Tokyo sits up from her bed yawning, her T.V. was on playing anime. On her night stand was a stack of mangas and a Hello Kitty doll. She jumps out of her bed and her hair messy and her Hello Kitty night gown riding up. She pulls her night gown down and goes to the bathroom.
Tokyo turns on her music as gets dressed and fixes her hair. She smiles at a picture she has of her, Japan and China. She missed them; she was a bit lonely since she lived in the city away from them. She chuckles as she remembers that they are all so different. They had a meeting that all the countries were going to today, she smiles thinking 'Maybe I should go with them, they always seem to have fun when they get back from the meeting and visit me' She grabs a box of pocky and runs out the door to see if she can go to the meeting with Japan. It's a long walk to Japan's house so she has to get their fast before he leaves to go to the meeting.
She was just about to knock on the door when Japan opens the door so Tokyo ends up knocking on Japan's face. "Oh Sorry Japan." Tokyo says smiling. Japan sighs and asks “Tokyo what are you doing here? “I’m bored so I thought I could go with you to your meeting. “”Sure, I don’t think anyone would mind if you came with me. Hong Kong goes to the meeting sometimes so it’s fine.” Tokyo smiles and nods as they walk together to the meeting.

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