About Amanda Todd....

Chapter 1

RIP:Amanda Todd

I have been bullied.My bully bullied me and my friends with words that brought back horrible memories.He made me cry,and I did nothing to him.During this experince with bullies,I have learned that Bullies only bully to feel better about themselves.Some of them may even do it just to fit in.Amanda Todd died to end her bad case of bulling.I just want to ask the people who were bulling her-Did that make you feel better? Do you feel like you fit in now? RIP:Amanda Todd.You NEVER deserved to die.

All of this is true.About my bully,Making me cry...I mean what I say in my message above. Amanda Todd's story is also true. She was bullied and she finally had enough of it. After about a month of her goodbye message on Youtube,She killed herself. I hope the people who bullied her are Happy. They caused another innocent person to leave this earth. I hope those bullies rot and burn in Hell.


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