Tough Cookie

Tough Cookie

Two friends get caught up in a mess while playing hard to get with 1D
(i dont like 1D, this was a dare, but please just give it a go :)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1- The Tickets

“Happy birthday!” I cried, throwing confetti in Yasmine’s face. She laughed, trying to pull the green and blue strands out of her blonde hair. She shook her head at me sadly.
“Confetti and no presents? What is this, bush week?” she asked. I rolled my eyes at her before producing a purple box from behind my back.
“Of course you get presents!” I told her, handing her the box. She rolled it around in her hand for a minute, studying it.
“What is it?” she questioned. I just gave her a look. She smiled as she tore into the paper, producing two plane tickets. Her eyes widened and for a moment I thought she might faint.
“We’re going to LA?” she whispered, her voice croaky. I nodded nervously. A beam lit up her face and she started squealing uncontrollably. I waited for the worst of it to be over before handing her another small box. She gave me a stunned look.
“Another present?” she asked, eyes wide. I nodded, laughing. She immediately tore into the paper, revealing two concert tickets. This time she was screaming and jumping up and down before throwing herself into my arms. I just stood there, uncomfortably letting her hug me.
“Wait. There are two One Direction tickets here. You’re coming?” she asked, sounding excited. I nodded. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I wasn’t a huge 1D fan, but this was her birthday and I wanted to make her happy.
“They are back stage passes too. Exclusive.” I told her, trying to pretend I was excited. She just sat down, breathing heavily.
“OMG OMG OMG…” she muttered repeatedly, “When is it?” she asked.
“We are going on the plane tonight.” I told her,” Your mum packed your bags already, and mine. Hope you didn’t have any plans.” I muttered, mostly to myself. She shook her head.
“Nah, and even if I did, they’re cancelled now!” she squealed again, quieter this time. I nodded.
She looked up at me with a doubtful look.
“Are you sure? You don’t even like One Direction and you’re going to see them live… and meet them.” She added, just for effect. I nodded slowly.
“How bad could it be? It’s not like I’ll ever have to see them again after.” I told her, sounding hopeful. She fell back onto the grass, gazing at the sky.
“Well with any luck I can get there number… If only Niall took a liking to me…” she whispered, smiling. I rolled my eyes at her hopeful expression.
“Good luck with that. We’re not going to be the only people going backstage.” I told her. She just nodded sadly.
“A girl can dream.” She said with a wink. I just shook my head and helped her up off the grass.
“We need to go. It’s almost dark and the plane leaves at 5:30.” I said, turning and walking back down the street. Yasmine followed me, skipping and singing excitedly.
“THAT’S WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL!” she sung. I scrunched up my face and turned to glare at her.
“Please… if I have to listen to that song live, I don’t need a preview.” I said with a laugh. She faked an offended expression as we walked up the drive way into her house.

As we stepped into the kitchen, her mother came flying across the room into a hug. Yasmine hugged her back but with a confused expression.
“What’s up?” she asked. Jill (her mum) just sat back, a smile on her lips.
“You ready to go? The stuffs in the car already.” She asked. Yasmine nodded, squealing quietly. We then both ran to the car, followed by Jill. As we got in the car, Jill put the radio on. A One Direction song immediately started playing and this seemed to increase Yasmine’s excitement. And I knew one other thing.
This was going to be one weird week.

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